Hali Spitler

Social: I think the media is the biggest impact on social life. What we watch on the television affects what we wear, how we speak, activities we do, etc. An example of that would be once we saw people on commercials advertising red lipstick, everyone wanted to wear red lipstick. We are a nation that likes to follow what everyone else is doing and keep up with the hottest fads and fashions. "Democratic targeting led to the creation of popular aspirational advertising icons such as the Man in the Hathaway Shirt (Hewitt, Ogilvy, Benson & Mather, 1951) and the Marlboro Man (Leo Burnett, 1954)."

Economic: It's important to understand that we're not all going to like what we hear on the news and read in the papers, but it all matters. I think that when we hear "bad" things that have happened the night before on the news creates a negative mood for people's lives as a whole. Take Elvis, for example, "he's been dead for three decades and in some ways, death was a good career move." This kind of stuff  confuses me because I can't decide if this was really a good career move for him, I mean he isn't alive so how can this be a positive impact for him? Financially, the economy is not doing very good so yes, this very much affects everyone. We hear about prices raising and dropping constantly and it's not a very stable environment to fall back on.

Political: The thing about media and politics is that it's so easy to form an opinion based on what we read on the internet or hear on a youtube video from some random person who's criticism is bigger than their brain. Everybody talks about politics. Whether you always should is a different subject. There has been online fights and arguments about what somebody posted on their status about what they think of the President or Congress. "It is very tempting to be cynical and decry the commercialization of politics in our culture." Unfortunately the media gives out a lot of false information that we are often gullible enough to believe.

Diplomatic: Diplomatically speaking, the media can steer us in one direction making us believe only what we see is true. If the media is only showing all of the negative things that are happening in our country, then other country's might look at us like we're not all that great. But if the media were showing all of the wonderful, great things that are going on in our country then we would be looked at as powerful and intimidating. "In 1957, nine ordinary teenagers walked out of their homes and stepped up to the frontlines in the battle for civil rights for all Americans. The media coined the name “LittleRock Nine,” to identify the first African-American students to desegregate Little RockCentral High School." This was looked at as a very powerful impact on our nation because this movement changed everything. It's all based on what the media chooses to show.

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