ByTrey Shirley

A phobia, in general, is constant fear of a situation, activity, or thing that makes a person want to avoid it. Most phobias go unreported due to those who suffer, end up figuring out ways to avoid what triggers their phobia. Because of this, the 6.8 million Americans who have been diagnosed with a phobia is considered to be grossly underestimated. If a person comes close to, or in contact with a feared situation, he/she may become anxious or distraught. Also, the sufferer may have one or more unpleasant physical symptoms. Some examples of these symptoms might be, but not limited to; a rapid heart beat, heart palpitations, feeling nauseous, shaking, sweating, dry mouth, chest pain, and/or quick breathing. Some ways to treat phobias could be behavior therapy, exposure treatment, and systematic desensitization. Phobia sufferers can try self help treatments, such as, exposure to what triggers their anxiousness and deep breathing relaxation exercises to help calm their fears. There are so many resources available for all types of phobias. The main place to find information is of course, the internet. One can always make an appointment with your family doctor or by talking to someone who may have the same phobia as you do.

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