Keep Paint Off!

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The problem in our community is how to remove spray paint off of trains cars and walls. To stop people from placing it everywhere like back walls and alleyways. here are the steps: 1.First go outside with the all materials 2.Spread out the plastic sheet3.Lay out one of each red brick on the plastic sheet4.Take the Clear Coating and spray on one brick5.Take one color of spray paint and spray one red brick6.Take the Maxima High Gloss and spray on the second red brick7.Take NeverWet and spray on the Third brick8.Take the Fourth red brick and spray paint it (it’s the control brick)9.Redo steps 3 through 8 except with Concrete Bricks10. Redo steps 3 through 8 except with Aluminum Sliding11.Redo steps 3 through 8 except with Wood Planks

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