The Earth's Atmosphere  

The atmosphere is a layer of gases surrounding Earth that is held down by Earth's gravity. It protects all life on Earth. There are several layers in the atmosphere


The orange layer is the troposphere. It is the lowest part of the atmosphere. As you go  further up the troposphere, the amount of water vapor decrease tremendously. So when you are close to the tropopause, their is no weather. The temperature drops with height. The temperature drops 6.5 degrees Celsius every 1 km of increased height. There is also life there.


The stratosphere is the second layer of the atmosphere. It still has  oxygen for bacterial life to live  and some birds to fly in the stratosphere. The stratosphere's temperature is about 270 K at the top.


The middle layer is the mesosphere. Temperatures  are as low -100 degrees Celsius. Millions of meteors come to mesosphere every year.

The fourth layer is the thermosphere. It uses solar wind energies which is transferred to the magnetosphere. The temperature can reach 2,500 degrees Celsius. But you would not feel warm because in this layer, this not enough contact with the few atoms of gas to transfer into heat.  

The last layer is the exosphere. It is cold because the exosphere is actually is outer space. There is little to no gravity here.

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