The Decision-Making Model

1. you have been invite to a sleep over from a not so popular student and to a boy-girl party from one of the most popular students at your school and you have to figure out which one you want to go to.

2.You can either choose to go to the sleep over or the big boy-girl party.

3. The student having the sleepover for his birthday can only have his/her birthday once a year and you have already agreed to go to his party but, you really want to go to a big boy-girl party and be with all the popular people.

4. I believe that you should go to the sleepover. There will be more than one boy-girl party that  year and you have already told the person having the sleepover that you will come.

5.I would go to the sleepover, since i have already agreed. The popular people at the boy-girl party are probably offering drugs and alcohol around.

6. You will most likely enjoy going to the sleepover and have lots of food and deserts and The person will thank you for coming!

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