Inferences from "The Bremen Town Musicians" by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm
By:Za'shon Jenkins

Infer: The old man running away from the animals. The animals are scaring him away so the animals can eat their food.

Infer: The cat is walking trying to find someone. Cat looking for food or cat want to play.Cat is lonely

INFER:The animals are waiting for them to leave.The animals are thinking about busting in there and taking their food.

Saying:"Your crowing would wake the dead"said the donkey.

Infer:The rooster will crow so loud that the dead will wake up.

Saying:"Im going to Bremen to join the town band"said donkey

Infer: He can sing and he probably want to drum.He know Bremen so well.

Saying:"Dear me,yes,I wish we were in there".said donkey

Infer:They want some food or they want to have fun and trash the place.They want to play with the people.

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