Cruise Ship Captain

Tasks and Duties:

Holds the ultimate responsibility for his/her vessel; operates the ship as well as oversees the passengers and crew; final authority for everyone on board including officers, mates, crew, and passengers; responsible for safe transportation of ship's passengers and cargo.

Salary Range:

$69,920 annually

Education Requirements:

Post secondary degree at a merchant marine academy OR 1000 hours as a deckhand, licensure is required.

Skills Required:

Strong leadership skills, management skills, communication and interpersonal skills, attention to detail, ability to stay calm under pressure, technical maritime knowledge.

Additional Training Required?

Licensure, Coast Guard license, STCW-95 license.

Hours per week:

Most are about 10 hour days, but can reach 12-14 hours a day.

Physical Activity Required:

Work on feet, able to sit still, focus intently on controlling ship

Working Conditions:

Long hours, at sea for several days at a time, being on feet for extended periods of time, can be inside or outside, depending on what one is doing.

Personal Qualities/Interests Necessary:

Must love to be out at sea, good people skills, hospitality, interested in ships, enjoy travel

Specific Education Programs:

California Maritime Academy, United States Merchant Marine Academy

Employment Trends:

13% expected job growth for all water transportation workers


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