By: Jaheim Harris

Fighting: Fighting is when one or more persons get into a dispute , and includes verbal abuse or physical violence upon the other.

Intersecting Facts on Fighting
. Risk factors for youth violence include violent histories, drug or alcohol use, poverty in the community, poor grades, association with troubled peers, and troublesome homelife.

Youth and school violence can lead to depression, alcohol and drug use, suicide, anxiety, and fear.

Well unfortunately, most of what is being taught out there as self-defense (or 'combatives, reality based self-defense, fighting, etc) is about that realistic too. It's grisgris training that feeds into a cycle of emotions and self-deception. Instead of teaching you how to effectively deal with the actual problems, complications and factors of violence, it's teaching you to how to confront the boogey-men of your imagination. and of your own creation.

Actual violence is not only scary enough, but it's got a list of real problems that come with it. Problems that don't have simple answers. Now here's the really bad news, these problems are often made WORSE by bad training.

Recognize that these stunt men are paid to lose that fight. I have  worked in the movie industry and on martial arts flicks. Professional stuntmen  who get their asses kicked regularly on film are, in real life, often far, far  better martial artists than your favorite clean-shaven,  hero. And as  stunt men, they are far better at physical movement and taking pain.

The need to win
People don't like to lose, and an asshole even less than most people. A  pathological *need* to win is a common and defining trait of assholes. It  is something that they will go to extremes to ensure. If they think they have  lost face, they *have* to prove to themselves that they didn't. They are often literally driven to seek revenge and get in the last "lick," thereby proving  their superiority over the person who has caused them this pain and shame.

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