Valentines Card Critiques


Card 1- I do not like this card because it looks tacky. It barely has any detail. It says "Chocolate Day" on the bottom which makes no sense.

Card 2-This card does have a nice shade of pink however, there is not much detail used. They could've added more graphics. The words used don't even go together.

Card 3-I think this is the worst card of all. This card has such a bright shade of red with a bright letter font of yellow which has no color coordination. It is not very pleasing to the eye and looks extremely tacky.

Card 4-This card had a nice poem, but it did not have a lot of nice pictures or colors. They could've added more elements to make it more appealing.

Card 5-I did like this card but i just did not like how the family's pictures are all in a sepia color effect.

Card 6-I really like this card because it has all the right elements. It has very good poems & very nice pictures. The colors are all nice and go well together.

Card 7-I love this card because of the chevron design it has in the background. The picture is also nice because it is black&white which ties everything together.

Card 8-I really like this one because of it's simplicity. It goes straight to the point of Valentine's day. The colors are also nice with the font.

Card 9-This card is also very simple which i love. The shade of pink is also very nice & i love the font they chose. It looks like a nice card i would give to a friend or relative.

Card 10-This card really caught my eye and happens to be my favorite. I really love how the picture was taken professionally. The little girl really ties together the card with her cute headband. I also love all the different fonts used & the shade of red. beautiful!

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