The Art Of Roman Architecture  

                                                    by Austin Vaden Kiernan

Roman architecture was baised off of Greek and Etruscan styles including: columns, pillars, domes,and arches. That helped the Romans create a new style of building, one the world still uses today. (Hellenistic)

The building up top is named the Parthenon and it is in Athens greece.

The invention of concrete played a major role in roman architecture making the buildings stronger and more supported and letting the romans build more complex structures. Without concrete most of the buildings standing today would have most likely collapsed.

The Latin word for concrete is (opus caementicium).

As the population of roman settlements grew so did the need for water. Because of this the roman architects created a pipeline like structure of the ancient world called the aqueduct, a revolutionary structure able to transport and satisfy the water needs of a entire city supplying romes water needs.

The Pantheon one of the most famous roman buildings ever created. At the time it was a very risky project because the dome was so hard to construct. It combined both Greek and Roman architecture into one of the most sought out temples in the roman world.

History fact: did you know the large columns in the front of the pantheon were imported from Egypt but they were wrongly sized, as it can still be seen today.   

There were 2 types of roman villas. The villa rustica which was a seasonal country house that was permanently occupied with slaves. And the villa urbana which was a popular house that the rich used to escape the heat of Rome in the summers (could be reached traveling from a city in one or two days).  Most villas were extrvgnat houses that only the rich could afford to own.

The roman bath was the center of the community therefor the building had to be amazing and stunning. Knowing this the roman archatects designed a elaborate system of vents and heating ducts underneath the bath called the Hypocaust. Which was a genius architectural structure that the Romans were able to master and exploit.

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