Home Front Tackk.

My name is Caroline James. I am 16 years old, and I live in Ripley, Ohio. It is May 19th, 1862. The civil war is currently going on, and I, of course, am apart of the Union. I am a normal girl that attends school, does chores, and helps provide for my family. I have to help provide for my family because my father is in the war. Since he is, it's just my mother, my 3 sisters, and me. My mother is very busy taking care of my sisters, because they are all 10 and younger. So I have to have a job, do all the chores, and still have school on top of that. My mother already has enough on her plate, so I don't mind helping out. On top of her taking care of my sisters, she has to worry about where my father is. We are not informed on where he is stationed, we just know he is in battle.

Day 1.

In the mornings, I wake up, cook breakfast, check the mail, clean up after everyone, and go to school. Once I get home from school, I go to my job, which is at the post office, and I work there for about 3 hours. Once I get home, I cook dinner, clean the house, do homework, and help my mother clean up the girls for bed. One thing that people may find weird, but I do everyday, is that I sit down, and write my dad a letter. Even though I don't know where he is or if he will get it, I want him to know I am thinking about him. Something else that I do that no one else knows, is that I help slaves hide out, in my very own home. I don't go and rescue them or anything, I just let the people that ran away come to my house. My mother doesn't know, my sisters don't know, no one. I'm planning on keeping that way too.

Day 2.

Dear Dad,

I just read the newspaper today, and in it it said "Battle of Gettysburg." I really hope that you are okay. I hope you got to fight for the North, but you are still living. We miss you so much here, dad. I have a job at the post office now, since we don't have your income coming in. Mom is still staying home with the girls, which is better anyways, because we still constantly bicker. Dad, I really just miss our time. I was always with you, and I bond with you more than I do with mom. I just want to be in your arms again. I miss your warm hugs, and sweet talks about how boys should treat me. I love you, come home soon.



Day 3.

Today, I had to skip school because one of my sisters are sick. Mother has to handle the other two that aren't sick, and I am taking care of my sick one. I had to cook lunch, help my sick sister bathe, and still clean around the house. After that, I went to the post office to go to work. They said they had nothing for me to do, but they would pay me to deliver the newspaper. So I ended up running late to get home. I felt bad because I need to cook dinner and still help mother with my sister. I still managed to do it all though, somehow. When I was away at the post office before I could start delivering newspaper, I decided to make a care package for my father and soldiers of the North. I also wrote my dad a letter informing him that my sister was sick. When I got home, I ended up cooking dinner, helping my mother with my sister, and running around with a slave in the dark of night. I ended up becoming a guide to a lady that needed me to show her where another house was. I also has to help hide another slave in my house. Today was very eventful.

Day 4.

Dear Caroline,

I am writing to you from the Siege of Vicksburg. I was involved in the battle of Gettysburg, which was way worse than this. Here, we are not in a brutal battle like the battle of Gettysburg. It is not as gruesome either. I am always thinking of you guys though, and that is what is keeping me alive. How is everyone doing? I miss you like crazy, Caroline. I hope you are helping your mother, I know she taking this hard. I will be home soon, I love you.


Your Father.

"Mom! Father sent us a letter!" I yelled as I ran into the house from getting the mail. "Honey let me see, now!" The children came running in with joy as well. I am so happy, as my mother and my sister. We finally have hope in father coming home. We also finally know where he is. This was such a breath of fresh air. I cannot wait to see my father, I don't think any of us can.

Day 5.

Today is the day! Lincoln was elected for president! Maybe he will end this dumb war and slavery. Slavery isn't any good anyways. Why make someone suffer while do something you are too lazy to do? I just hope Lincoln puts slavery to an end soon so my daddy doesn't get hurt.

My dad has been away for too long, I just want him to be back. Lincoln is the only hope I have left for his return. If I have to live life without my dad, I will never think of Lincoln the same for not stopping the war in time. I trust and hope that he will finish this war and bring him home.

I guess I should be grateful that Lincoln won and not Hayes. If Hayes would of won, we would of been more than likely to lose and slavery wouldn't go away. Also, my dad wouldn't come home. I just need to look on the bright side of that.

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