S.S. C.E. Review

Types of Government:

Democracy- Any form of government in which political power is exercised by all citizens, either directly or through their elected representatives. There are two types of democracy, direct and representative. Direct democracy is when allcitizens participate in government. There are no representatives in government: The citizens vote on everything! And a representative democracy is when all citizens participate in government, people elect representatives who vote on laws for the citizens, and representatives answer to the people through regular elections. The countries that does democracy are the United States, Switzerland, and Ancient Athens.

Direct DemocracyRepresentative Democracy

Monarchy- Rule by kings, queens, princes, and princesses… sometimes by other names, but always MONARCHS! Leaders usually gain their power because their parents were rulers too. Some modern monarchies like Spain and Japan have constitutions. A country that does monarchy is England.


Autocracy- A form of government in which political power is controlled by one individual such as a monarch, dictator, emperor, etc. Two types of monarchy is monarchs and dictators. Dictatorship is a country that is ruled by one person, that person has control of all citizens. Countries that use to do dictatorship is Germany, Japan, and France. Monarchs are countries that are ruled by a king or queen, countries that still do this England.


Theocracy- A form of government that is ruled by a god or higher power. The leaders are usually religious and want the citizens to be the same way. A country that does theocracy is Iran.


Oligarchy- A form of government that is ruled by a few people. Some oligarchies can also lead some forms of government like monarchies and dictatorships.


Anarchy- A form of government that no one is in charge. That means there are a lot of possible outcomes with no government.