There Is Power in The Name of  Jesus

This was a great way to end a great day of rest, recuperation and rejoice. Giving our creator his 1, before the world consumes the remaining 6.

If you missed my post Things, Wings & Bling The distractions which are robbing us of our faith! Click the link and give it a read.

I promise I will keep this short!

I’m on a mission! This mission was not of my choosing; it was given to me by much higher power.

Whatever you politics related too religion, I’m not here to judge. All I know is when he calls your name to execute a task; no matter how monumental or insignificant you may find it too be. You may not even understand why you are leaning what you are learning. One day you will, just as have!

Citizens are captive to manmade financial, healthcare, social, political, and a host of other problems caused by greed, manipulation, corruption, deception; just flat out evil, causing unmentionable and unnecessary harm to our citizens. It must be stopped!

So I’m asking if you want out of the struggle; which will require a bit of effort on your part, for the reward which is rightfully yours. Then you’re going to have to break every chain!

Give a man/woman a fish and he/she eats for a day!

Teach a man/woman too fish and he/she eat for a lifetime!

Break Every Chain!

The Wage Stagnation Chain

The Income Inequality Chain

The Fear Chain

The Doubt Chain

I’m Good Enough Chain

I’m Not Pretty Chain

No One Loves Chain

The Poverty Chain

The Unemployment Chain

The Homeless Chain

I’m Not Smart Enough Chain

I’m not Smart Enough Chain

Financial Instability Chain

The Greed Chain

The Guilt Chain

The Shame Chain

I could go on and on! Today we break every chain!

We are our brothers and sisters keeper! We all have our own key to release ourselves for this man-made illusion of there is not enough to go around. If you lost your key along the way, repeat after me!

There is power in name of JESUS

Say his name a few times; listen to how the chains fall!

JESUS, Thank you JESUS

Stay Happy, Healthy, and Be Safe In Your Travels