Health problems

Electronic waste can bring many health problems. As you may know, electronic waste are sent to countries in development such China and India. They mainly come from the Unites States and other developed countries.


There are a lot of materials that are a harm for our health in electronic waste. The reason is because they have metals  like antimony, arsenic, barium, beryllium, cadmium, chromium, dioxins, lead, mercury, nickel and many more. All of these metals contain toxins that can bring some serious health issues.

Impacts on health

Electronic waste has a huge impact on people's health. You can have problems from head to toe. It means that it can harm the whole body. You can have nose bleeds, retardation in the brain, sinus perforations, mouth et teeth damage, high blood pressure, unconstant heartbeat, asthma, cancer and skin cancer. All these diseases can bring to death.

''Recycling electronic''

Even though people think that electronic can be recycled it can't. The electronic pieces are dumped in places that are empty. But these areas can be close to people's living space in India. This is why people can contract some diseases because they are close to the electronic waste. A research has been made in India about e-waste. Researchers took samples of electronic parts that were dumped and tested them. The results showed that it can contribute to a tumor from a gene. This tumor has the function to do cell damage. The researchers' recommendations to reduce health issues in e-waste are to improve the ways to recycle electronic devices and bring more protection the workers on the field.

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