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3D Food Printer Engineer/Chef


3D printing has become one of the most vast career opportunities in the past few years; with inventions such as the MakerBot, life in sense has been made a lot easier. There is an exponential job outlook for careers in 3D printing technologies, such as engineering, marketing, and developing. The world of 3D technologies is a fascinating one, filled with peculiar and interesting capabilities and technologies. Working for our company will never be a bore; there is always something new happening. Companies aren't frugal when investing in 3D technologies, and their development. The most fascinating subject of 3D printing is the one we are involved and that of course is making easy, convenient, healthy and delicious food


The responsibilities you will face while on the job aren't anything extensive, they are actually quite easy. It involves being on your feet throughout the workday, and using very basic engineering and culinary skills. As an engineer, you will need to confide in your fellow team members when assigned to a new project. When working with your team members, one must not be belligerent in their demeanor. Working on several projects at a time isn’t something out of the ordinary; it is what is casual at our company. There is no time to relax when we are pioneering the future.


The skills required in becoming a 3D Food Printer Chef/Engineer, will consist of you needing to be able to handle food correctly, prepare it accordingly, and follow health codes in order to serve customers. One must know the basics of culinary arts in order to perform their jobs efficiently. You must also know basic engineering and be able to follow instructions set by your supervisors. You must be efficient both in the kitchen, and while working with the machines. Although some tasks may seem menial, it is imperative that you do it correctly and in a timely manner. You must be good at managing your time wisely and being able to proficiently multi-task.


This job will require a degree in engineering, and at least 5 years of experience with handling food. In order to apply, you must be certified to handle food and serve customers. On-sight training is required to teach incoming chefs/engineers the basics and how to work machinery. You must have also completed your Master’s Degree in Culinary engineering, that itself is a huge requirement. The basic understanding of how to manipulate traditional dishes to be healthier and more convenient is a huge part of your everyday job. A perspiring 3D food chef/engineer must be up to date with all the latest required state and national board certifications. In order to obtain this position, one will also have had to complete a 3 year course at any certified 3D Culinary School.

Additional Facts

Some additional facts about this amazing career would pertain to the overall job outlook. Since the 3D printing industry is fairly new, it is also a growing field of engineering and many jobs are needed to be filled. Since there is now a fresh wave of new talent to fill those new positions, we will need all the talent we can possibly get. The annual salary of a starting food chef/engineer would roughly start at $125,000, and would exponentially expand to about $350,000 a year, that is once you work for our company for 3 years. After those 3 years, your annual salary will raise up to $400,000, where it’ll stay for the rest of your career.

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