The Great Shon't

Narritive Poem

Shon’T with the eye of a tiger. Shon’T of an angels face. Shon’T whose name everyone knows. Is a boy whose smile shines brighter than the sun, Shakes up day when you’re the lowest. Runs like no other, faster than a cheetah hunting its prey. Brightens up your day when you’re in your darkest ages. Feeds his only sibling.

Helps his family when their stuck in the mud. Shon’T young and bright Loves everybody would never hurt anyone. Hates nobody cares for everybody. Because he’s a lovable human being. Shon’T inside that nice white shirt. Inside that caring heart. Inside his big brown eyes, Is a handsome boy that’s always positive Affectionate when it comes to life, Dissipointed because he doesn’t know his parents. Fights his anger. Holds it back, Realizes it’s just life!

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