By. Jessica Lee

Stella is running for her life. "Why" you ask? Because there is a psycho chasing after her for her shiny golden hair. This sounds really weird but it's the truth. She is a beautiful girl with luscious golden hair that is now looking even more shinier because of the sun rays over her hair. Just by looking at it can tell you that it is silky and thin. But right now, that does not matter because she is being chased by a psycho and that's pretty scary. Her heart is beating really fast as the cardiac muscles in the muscular system is pumping. She felt the blood circulating everywhere in the body as the circulatory system was working twice fastest than usual because of such fast pumping from the cardiac muscles. Luckily her skeletal system is very well developed and she is able to run more faster with her strong bones supporting her body and movements as she runs. After running and running, Stella finally got away from the psycho. She hid in a old house next to a big tree that she spotted as she ran. She quietly went in and sat, more like fell, down on the floor. She was breathing heavily from all the running. The lungs demanded for more fresh oxygen to keep the respiratory system ongoing. She examined her body to see any severe wounds. She was sweating pretty bad but she didn't mind. Her hair was cut a little short and her arm was bleeding pretty bad. Stella didn't worry about her hair because the integumentary system will eventually grow her hair out back to normal. She was just worried about her bleeding wound on her left arm. Stella looked around the house and found clean strips of clothes to wrap around her arm. After a while, the bleeding began to stop as the endocrine system started to maintain homeostasis by stopping more bloods to ooze out. Little while later, Stella became hungry from using almost all of the energies in her body. She searched through the house looking for food and saw multiple apples on a small table. She hurried to the table, grabbed the apple and started eating it. For some reason, the apple was fresh compared to the old house but she didn't care. Her brain in the nervous system was telling her that she needs to something eat real quick. She finished the whole apple in a second and started eating another one. Her digestive system began working as nutritious food came into the organs. When she finished all the apples, it was already midnight so she decided to sleep in the old house and leave right away in the morning. She found a rag lying on the floor and laid herself on it. But that moment, her excretory system was sending her a signal that she need to excess out the wastes in her body. She quickly went outside because she could not find the restroom in the house. Stella was about to let out the wastes but suddenly, she fell to the ground. "Why" you ask again? Because the psycho that was chasing her before stabbed Stella's back with a sharp knife and it went right through her heart. He laughed out maniacally and started to cut out the head skin off of her. He was happy that he finally was able to take the shiny golden hair Stella had. He left her behind and began to walk back to where he came from. Stella's total systems shut down, letting people know that she is dead.