Lennie had just cleared out of the field after bucking barley. He was awfully pooped. Out in the field, the boss wanted to pick scraps with Lennie for dropping a bushel of barley when George stepped in and said it wouldn't happen again. Back in the bunkhouse, Lennie finished washing his hands and proceeded to go to sleep due to his tiring activities that preceded his free time.

    Lennie is napping when out of nowhere, he hears a voice. A very apprehensive voice. He woke up with a mollified look on his face. He squints his eyes and cannot believe what he is seeing, It's Aunt Clara! He must be having a vision because Aunt Clara has been gone for awhile. Aunt Clara is floating and is somewhat transparent. "What you doin here?" says Lennie. Aunt Clara tells Lennie "Stay strong and keep your head up, no matter what life throws at you". Lennie tries to hug the apparition but fails as she vanishes into thin air. Lennie falls back asleep.

    "Goodmorning Lennie" says George. Lennie grunts a response, "Goodmorning" George gets Lennie a cup of rough joe. "I had weirdest dream last night George" said Lennie. "Oh yeah? what bout?" Lennie tells George all about his dream the night before and George just stands there astonished. He is stunned . After a few minutes looking at eachother , George mutters, "You too?" When George

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