Happy New Year!

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You know it's coming...

Resolution Activity

Choose one of the 15 resolutions that speaks to you to the most.  Find that number card at a spot in the library.  One you are there, share with the others why you chose it and your strategy for making it stick. 

Mentoring:  Every Child Needs a Champion

The Faces of Westbrook


Browse the photos on the posters.

Take 3 small post it notes and write one thing you know or have heard about a child on a post it note  and place in their box.  You may do as many as 3 different students or you can do 3 post its for one student.  When you are done, return to your seat. 

You will have 6 minutes to complete this activity. 

Gather Your Teams

6th Grade Westbrook (16)

6th Grade Westbrook WAVE (13)

7th Grade Westbrook (16)

7th Grade Westbrook WAVE (13)

8th Grade Westbrook (22)

8th Grade Westbrook WAVE (13)

Choose your student and write your name next to their picture. When you are done, return to your original seat.


Number off 1-3

Each group needs a facilitator, recorder, time keeper, spokesperson

1:  What?  Stay on this side of library

2:  Why?   Move to other side of library

3:  How?  Commons