The launch of the iPhone 6 is probably one of the most popular and talked about news on the second half of 2014. Although it isn’t a surprise anymore with the whole expected hullabaloo for every apple latest product release there is. Unlike the previous versions like the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S to iPhone 5 and 5S, the iPhone 6 looked different primarily on its size. This may have added to why people talked about it so much, as many have wished to have a Samsung Galaxy size and slim type of iPhone. The first owner of the iPhone 6, which comes from Australia, even made the headlines for accidentally dropping it just after purchasing it. Good thing nothing happened though, plus points for Apple then.

To familiarize you more with this latest offering from Apple, take a quick run down on some of the things you should know about iPhone 6:


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Apple iPhone 6 will be Apple’s pioneer to Apple Pay. This is one of the top brand’s innovations to replace smartphones as a safer alternative for actual cash. It will be using te NFC or Near Field Communication which lets one tap their phone against a sensor to transact payments.


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This is one of iPhone users’ pet peeve with Apple products, they ran out of battery life quickly as compared to other mobile phone sg. Sometimes you would be very lucky when your iPhone’s battery life lasts the whole day. Unlike iPhone’s release of previous phones with the same battery life quality, the iPhone 6 differs. It actually has ten hours more for audio listening and four more hours for 3G talking. Not bad!


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This definitely became a factor why the iPhone 6 was very much talked about. The new model iPhone 6 welcomed the term ‘bendgate’ that started the debate on whether iPhone 6 will bend or not. To answer the question, yes it does bend but doesn’t really work perfectly. Many iPhone 6 users are now sending their complaints because their phones seem to end up distorted (or bended) after keeping their iPhone 6 in their pockets or jeans for a long time.