A Look in the Mind of Jessica Malang

Depending on the situation, I may act very differently. For example, in class or around authority figures I may be very quiet and attentive but contrary to popular belief I'm not that same person around close friends or family. I either think I am God's gift to this world or a peasant worth less than dirt.

"You must bathe in the mystical waters of terrible jokes and egotism, my son." "Mother, no."

I absolutely love to mess with people. If the occasion requires gifts, I can guarantee you I will find a way to either make you laugh or "facepalm"  and question why you agreed to be friends with me. Recently I have given a friend "20 bucks" and when she opened the envelope it was multiple pictures of deer. One of them being the picture shown. They may be horrible jokes but I think they are the best thing that happened to this universe.

When I'm not busy being in love with the concept of irony and sarcasm, I'm usually bored out of my mind and watching crime and science shows on the Science Channel to entertain myself. Examples are: How It's Made, Outrageous Acts of Science, and Oddities: San Francisco. I also like crime shows such as Forensic Files and Criminal Minds. I will however admit to watching over two hours worth of documentaries on mermaids that definitely did NOT have Ariel's long flowing hair.

I am drowning in Homestuck. It all started when a good friend of mine thought it would be a good idea to get me obsessed over an 8,000+ paged web comic about the end of the world, messed up time lines, trolls, demonic puppets, and one of the main enemies is "Space Nicki Minaj". But if you don't know what Homestuck is, I'm glad there is still hope in the human race. This is, or would be if Andrew Hussie wasn't lazy and actually had made the strife scene, the music to a fight scene between a young troll named Karkat and his lusus, a giant crab alien thing who we call Crabdad.

I am a very mature person who goes on very serious sights to do very serious tasks. No I'm just kidding, if the button's link wasn't obvious. Instead of utilizing my time for the greater good, I do one of my favorite activities: "Research" and by that I mean I browse the internet with no end goal on my mind.

If I could live anywhere in the United States then I'd live in Seattle, one of my favorite cities. The amazing weather and hipsters just speak to me.

Axolotls are my favorite animal and this is a slideshow on them. If I could have one, I would name him Cornelius and we would be the best of friends.

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