I'm the Master Explorer of Spain

Individuals and Societies Project by Arya Bhargava- Mrs. Hersheberger's Class

Good day your majesty Charles V of Spain. It is 1519 and it is my pleasure to explore and serve you.(1) I, Arya Bhargava who has hailed from the rich country of India.(2) will be honest that I am not the best, but I will leave this year to North America. My native country might be able to trade with you also! I am asking you and your country of Spain because I can obtain different trading routes and exploration routes so we can have wealth and power. Spain can also trade with West Africa which have dominating empires.(3) My goal for this expeditious journey is to claim territories and find resources like gold, spices, silk, and furs.(4) I can also find salt and other minerals for the "salt-gold" trade.(5) The other resources can come form different parts of North America.(6) I promise to rummage for these rather rare resources to have power and wealth.(7) I will go to the West coast of North America to avoid the rampaging sea monsters according to my map. I am bound to find a destination where there are trading sites. Probably near the bodies of water.(8) We might have competition since Portugal, France, England are exploring the American land.(9) I think every country is on the rush for gold, spices, and silk.(10) So, king I am persuading you to pick me.

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