University of California, Los Angeles

mascot: Joe bruin

Campus history

The campus of UCLA (university of california los angeles) was first called The Vermont Avenue campus of the University of California . The campus first opened on September 15 of 1919, at first the campus offered a 2 year undergraduate program to 260 junior college students. There was also 1,078 students in a teachers training program, the man allowing all this to be happening was Ernest Carroll Moore.

In 1927, the Regents of the University decided to officially just name the campus "University of California at Los Angeles."

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Admission requirements

subjects listed need the 15 minimum courses

history/social sciences : 2 years required

english : 4 years

mathematics : 3 years needed, 4 recommended

labaratory science 2 years required 3 recommended

languages 2 years required 3 recommended

visual/ performing arts  : 1 year

college preparatory : 1 year

GPA minimum: 3.0 for California residents. 3.4 for nonresidents

Costs and tuition


Residence HallsOff Campus
Apartments Living with Relatives

Tuition and Fees$13,806$13,806$13,806

Room and Board$14,904$10,239$4,698

Books and Supplies$1,383$1,383$1,383



Health Insurance [3]$2,229$2,229$2,229Total

– California Residents$34,752$30,786$25,992

Nonresident Supplemental Tuition$24,024$24,024$24,024

Total – Nonresidents$58,776$54,810$50,016

student life styles

Bruin Bash is an annual festival to start the new school year, the festival has famous performers there like Jay Z ,and more.

Degree plan

Areas:Options Selected:

PROGRAM Bach of Science in Nursing




Letter of Recommendation

To Whom it May Concern,

I would highly recommend Lilian Huerta as a candidate for the employe position. I have worked with Lilian quite often on many projects in the past. She is a hard worker and is very determined when it comes to getting her work done. Lilian’s work is overall very unique and creative. She works well with others and is very kind to everyone. Her behavior is outstanding and is a great role model.

She can be very organized and is always prepared for any new task. Ms. Huerta is always willing to help people with anything she can. She is good at understanding new concepts and can catch on rather quickly. She can work fairly well at her own pace and also a timed or limited pace. She is good with memorization skills and can be taught how to do things very fast. Lilian is great with contributing new ideas and improving different aspects.

Mrs. Huerta is always up for new opportunities to grow and increase for knowledge. I believe that she would be a great candidate for this position and would benefit from this experience. If you would like to discuss Ms. Huerta more, you can contact me at or via phone: (123) 345-987.


Allison Sebby

Cover letter

Good morning,

I am applying for the position of working there due to my great interest in Medicine at the University of California Los Angeles.

Like i have mentioned about my interest in medicine, i would gratefully enjoy becoming an intern at the hospital which will lead to my goal of becoming a doctor. I will be attending the University of Los Angeles (UCLA) in a matter of time, this being i will be taking the Medicine course there. My reason being of wanting an internship at the hospital is because my career goal is to become a Pediatric Oncologist doctor. I have experienced so many years being in the hospital being treated and talking about illnesses with my doctors and nurses, this has introduced me to wanting to be in the medical field to help the children with illness such as Aplastic Anemia, or Leukemia. Being able to encourage children to keep on going with chemotherapy and radiation for weeks, months, and even years to reach the goal of being cured and becoming a survivor would be my doctor goal.

I have noticed that since being a child with an illness while being in many hospitals for months and finally after 3 years becoming a survivor, this has opened my eyes to realizing my dream career is to become a Pediatric Oncologist. I do not know every single thing out there about all the various types of chemotherapy and radiation but i do know enough information than any other person my age, and that is just being that i was in and out the hospital for 3 years.

Thank you for being able to read this and understanding my reasons for wanting to have this internship.

Liilyane Huerta

3667 deergrass cir

El paso tx 79936

(915) 929 4295.

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