Study of psychology


evaluates, diagnoses, treats, and studies behavior and mental processes.

Because psychology is difficult to study as a whole, psychologists often only look at small parts of it at a time. Psychology has much in common with many other fields, and overlaps with many of them. Some of these fields are medicine, ethology, computer science, and linguistics.

skills needed in this field:

  1. communication. being able to communicate with your patients is a very big skill needed in order to perform your job.
  2. research. you need to be able to know what is going on with your patient by doing as much research as possible.
  3. ethics.
  4. patience. some of your patients will not be cooperative so you will have to be patient with them.
  5. problem-solving. being able to problem solve is a key skill for a psychologist to be able to figure out problems for your patients.

educational requirements:

  1. high school diploma. 4 years
  2. college degree. 4-5 years
  3. masters degree in psychology. 2-3 years.
  4. doctorates degree in psychology. 5 years


the average psychologist earns $67,650-$110,880 a year. depending on what kind of psychologist you want to be, weather you're a school counselor or a professional psychologist, depends on how much money you make.

money aint a problem when your a psychologist

future in psychology:

only 12% of people are psychologist. its not a very hard to job and it is very open and pays an average salary. this job can be extremely fun and active when you get comfortable with it.

Benefits of a psychologist

being a psychologist allows you to explore the mind of a human being and their mentality. You get to work with different people everyday and take a look at their mindset.

Why do i want to be a psycholgist?

I want to be a psychologist because i would love to meet and learn about new people all the time. I want to help people and to help people you first have to start with the mind and work your way out. If someone eants to get better you have to help them think they can and will get better. Also, these days mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, OCD, ADHD etc. Are underrated and are not given as much attention and are not taken seriously.


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