Kids during the holocaust

Kids in the holocaust were treated very bad.They were taking from there parents and were starved to death. And they were put in dirty houses.But they tried to survive threw it all.

10 interesting facts

1.The kids were starved

2.There parents were taking

3.The barely had clothes.

4.They were burned

5.They didn't have running water

6. They died when the got food

7. They didn't have doctors

8. Jewish kids were killed first

9. The were burned or beating with a wipe

10. They had to clean for the nazis

1933-holocaust started

1938-kid were brought in the holocaust

1942-the kids got out of the holocaust

Hitler the start of the holocaust, Oscar Schindler punished the kids, Le chambon kidnapped  the kids, Germany police arrested the kids that escaped, and German soulders

My hero is Harry trueman


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