CO2 Car

Define the problem

Build the fastest CO2 car



The acceleration of an object of constant mass is proportional to the force acting upon it.

In mathematical form, the relationship of force, mass and acceleration is defined as:

To go fast, acceleration is the key. The faster the car accelerates the greater the speed. What does Newton's law tell us about acceleration? We can use algebra to change the force equation to solve for acceleration. Weight takes into account the gravitational pull on matter. Your car would weigh less on the moon but the mass would be the same. Since all races occur on earth, the difference between mass and weight factors out. If your car weighs less than your classmate's car, it has less mass. Positive forces accelerate (or push) the dragster toward the finish line. Negative forces decelerate (or pull) the dragster away from the finish line. The cartridge force is a positive force, while surface friction and drag are negative forces. Resistive forces are the forces working against or resisting the forward motion of your dragster. If there were no resistive forces, your dragster would continue to travel at its maximum velocity forever. If you take your foot off the accelerator in a car, the car slows down. Likewise, when the power from the CO2 cartridge stops, the dragster slows down. The forces that slow the vehicle include friction and drag. Drag occurs when a solid object moves through a gas or liquid. When your dragster is streaking down the track, air flow creates pressures and friction on the vehicle. Like surface friction force, drag force is a negative force working to slow your dragster.

Criteria and Constraints

Exploring Possibilities

Design one was just to feel around to see what was going to work to be a faster car. When i made the second design i realized that making a rounded car with light weight interior wheels was the best way to go. The last design has all of the things a learned in the first two designs with a body style that has the least amount of drag

Selecting an approach

Developing a Design Proposal

Testing and evaluating

Refining design

When refining my design i just kept trying to kept trying to keep the weight just above the weight minimum. Also made the design as round as possible with the least amount of drag

Creating of making it

If I were to mass produce my car design I would have a mold created and make it out of plastic instead of wood.

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