Persuasive essay

Everything I have done from eighth grade to now has been to secure a position at your extraordinary college campus. The reasons I deserve to attend your university is because of a personal death in the family and your campus is the best for criminal justice majors. Unfortunately, About a year ago my uncle died unexpectedly and the investigators took over a week to tell us if it was a homicide or a medical issue. By the time they told us what actually happened the press had a field day with it. They were calling it a suicide then another channel was making it sound like a brutal murder where he was left outside of his apartment. In reality he had hit his head on a piece of furniture getting out of the shower, to the point where he started bleeding and couldn’t get help. But, after this event I was never the same, I wanted more evidence that this is what actually happened. However, I had no right to ask for it. Now I want to be a homicide detective because I want to bring closure to a family as fast as I can, and as accurate as possible. Soon after, I began to search for well renowned colleges that are known for their criminal justice programs. Which is when I came across your outstanding program at your lovely campus. Since finding your college I have been wasting no time getting started on your requirements and suggested academic standings. I have received lots of hands on training to prepare for your college and believe I am a great addition in your program and at your campus. I have also shadowed multiple officers and know how to deal with multiple situations but not all. I have received many compliments from these officers for my problem solving abilities and being quick on my feet. All of my preparation has been to hopefully attend your university and graduate from a well renowned criminal justice program. This is an extraordinary chance to be a part of something larger than me and to better the life of multiple citizens. Once again, I appreciate you taking your time to consider me for your program and hope to see you at your campus.

Letter of Recommendation

To Whom It May Concern:

It is without a doubt that Olivia Eagleson would be the right person to choose for a position in your team as a Homicide Detective. I have had the pleasure to know Olivia for a long period of time and i can assure you that her problem solving skills are one of the strongest that i have seen in my whole life time. I have been able to witness how see she takes a piece of evidence and comes up with many possibilities which lead her onto her next piece. Olivia is the type of person who will go the extra mile to have all the clues that she can possible have to solve any situation that comes upon her desk.
Ms. Eagleson is hard working candidate and if she does not understand a certain specialty i can assure you that she will do every possible thing in her will to master this criteria. As I have been observing Olivia i am able to tell you that she is fascinated by solving mysteries and is always ready for any challenge that anyone can bring upon her. I remember a time in middle school when it was family night and they had a murder mystery set up. Olivia quickly started looking for clues and eventually was able to find out who the murderer was. She was very patient with solving the crime but she too, was the first and only person to find out the truth in a matter of minutes.
Ms. Eagleson is also great when it comes to working in a team she gets along with everyone very well and accepts all criticism from others. I can see her ability for always wanting to learn more about her job. I strongly suggest that you keep Ms. Eagleson as a probability to an addition to your team as she would make the team better. If there are any further questions that can be discussed about Ms. Eagleson feel free to contact me at

Alexa Ortiz
Physical Therapist 12567 Carrio RD.El, Paso, Tx 79938

Cover Letter

Good evening Miss Ortiz,

I am applying to shadow one of your officers through their day on duty in response to our meeting this previous week at the 79th precinct.
As I mentioned at our meeting I am pursuing a permanent position as a detective but, am willing to work from the bottom in order to get to the top. As of right now though I am pushing to obtain my Master’s in Criminal Justice. The courses I have taken have prepared me for the field and I am ready for hands on experience. Secondly, the experience I do have in the field will only benefit my awareness in the field, decreasing the chance of me being injured and or killed. During my other shadowing experience we ran into a drunk severely aggravated individual and were forced to use excessive force. With this experience I now know how to be affirmative without harming a single individual.
I have begun to notice that the newest cops have been the easiest to train due to the fact that the schooling has become more advanced over the years. This in no way is me saying I am ready to go into the field alone, I am only hoping you grant me permission to shadow one of your officers.
Thank you for your consideration sorry for any trouble recieving this may have caused you.
Olivia R. Eagleson5780 Tierra CampaEl Paso, TX


ObjectiveI am a police officer that day in and day out ensures safety to the whole city; specifically, by citing people who speed and pulling over and arrest. I hope that some day police will not be needed and the world will be at peace.Philosophy: The more criminals you arrest the more lives you save. Experience79th Precinct [8/20-9/24]Worked at the 79th precinct in New York for homicide and solved over 30 cases. During this time I also shadowed another investigator and picked up multiple strategies. I was in charge of monitoring all the rookie detectives on their fist couple of weeks.El Paso Police Department [9/18-5/20]I was put on patrol only a few weeks into my employment, within a few weeks I had already made a name for my self by not allowing any one to talk me out of a ticket. These actions allowed mean to earn the name iron lady.EducationHigh School Diploma [2014-2018]El Dorado High SchoolTop 10%National Junior Honor SocietyMasters Degree [2018-Present]University of Texas at El PasoCurrently AttendingSkillsSelf-motivatedCritical ThinkerSoccer Player (10 years)National Junior Honor Society Think fast on my feetAlways an AB studentAssistant Referee

Job Description

I want to be a homicide detective which is when you investigate a murder and find out who the killer is. After that the prosecutors take them to court and hopefully convict them.

Monroe College in Bronx New York

Home of the Mustangs

History/ Origin

Monroe College was founded in 1933 near the West Farms section of the Bronx with four classrooms and seven students which were all female. In 1936 Harry Jerome came to bring even more education to the college and soon has 145 students. In 1966 they received there first computer and soon after opened multiple campuses. There best known campuses are the Bronx location and the New Rochellee location.

Fight Song

Could not find a fight song

Admission Requirements

They don't require SAT or ACT score unless applying for a schlolarship they only charge a $35 application fee.

But for the presidential scholarship you will be awarded up to $13,500 per award year may be awarded to high school seniors with GPAs of 90, or in top 10% of class or SAT scores of 1800 or better. the actual amount of scholarship is related to the student's financial aid grants. Students must maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA, earn a minimum of 12 credits in the previous semester and have continuous enrollment to retain scholarship eligibility. The scholarship remains in effect through the completion of undergraduate studies and ends upon graduation. For continued eligibility, students must maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA, earn a minimum of 12 credits in the previous semester and maintain continuous enrollment. The scholarship will be prorated for students attending the Early Start Program.

Student Life

They offer on campus dorms, clubs, organizations, student government, and athletics.

Costs and Tuition

2015-2016 Undergraduate Tuition and Fees

Full Time Tuition (12-18 Credits)$6,624 per semester$552 per creditPart Time Tuition (Less than 12 credits) $552 per credit
Administrative FeesAdministrative Fee for 9 credits or more$450/semesterAdministrative Fee for less than 9 credits$225/semesterCulinary Program Fee (Culinary & Baking & Pastry majors)$100/semester Application FeesUndergraduate Admissions Fee (nonrefundable)$35Application Fee for Housing (nonrefundable)$150International Application Processing Fee$75 Administrative Exam FeesCLEP Examination -Monroe Students/Military/Alumni$15CLEP Examination- Non-Monroe Student$60Prior Learning Portfolio Assessment Fee$100Prior Learning Fee (per course)$100

Degree Plan for Criminal Justice

NOTE: The department may make specific suggestions for courses which are most applicable towards your major.

Psychology and Criminal Justice majors and minors are required to take MATH 1320 or a higher level Calculus course.
Business majors are required to take MATH 1320 or a higher level Calculus course.
NOTE: All courses require a C or better (show less)Communication(Select six hours from the following: COMM 1611; RWS 1301, 1302, 1601; NOTE: ESL students should take ESOL 1311 & 1312) American History(Complete HIST 1301 and 1302)Language, Philosophy & Culture(Select a course from ENGL 2311, 2312, 2313, 2314, 2318; FREN 2322; HIST 2301, 2302; PHIL 1301, 2306; RS 1301; SPAN 2340; WS 2300, 2350) Mathematics(Select a course from MATH 1319, 1320, 1411, 1508, 2301, 2326; STAT 1380, 2480)Life & Physical Sciences - LabComplete a lab from the options listed for Life and Physical Sciences

Life and Physical SciencesBased on the major selected, options listed below might not be applicable; please refer to the prerequisite area at top if one is present.

Select six hours from the following: ASTR 1107, 1307, 1308; BIOL 1103, 1104, 1107, 1108, 1203, 1304, 1305, 1306, 2111, 2113, 2311, 2313; CHEM 1105, 1106, 1305, 1306, 1407, 1408; ESCI 1101, 1102, 1301; GEOG 1106, 1306; GEOL 1103, 1104, 1111, 1112, 1211, 1212, 1230, 1231, 1313, 1314; HSCI 2302, 2303; MICR 2330; PHYS 1403, 1404, 2420, 2421

Political Science(Complete POLS 2310 & 2311) Social and Behavioral Sciences(Select a course from ANTH 1301, 1302, 1310, 2320; CE 2326; COMM 2350, 2372; ECON 2303, 2304; EDPC 1301; EDU 1342; ENGL 2320; GEOG 1310; LING 2320, 2340; PSYC 1301; SOCI 1301, 1310) Creative Arts(Select a course from ART 1300; ARTH 1305, 1306; DANC 1304; FILM 1390; MUSL 1321, 1324, 1327; THEA 1313) Component Area Option(Select two courses from BUSN 1301; COMM 1301, 1302; CS 1310, 1320; SCI 1301; UNIV 1301)

Job Description

I want to be a homicide detective which is investigating a murder and finding the murderer or murderers. After that the prosecutors take them to court and hopefully convict them.

Job Requirements

I need a Bachelor's degree and receive law enforcement certification for the state I want to work in.

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