changes in Edo period to the Meiji period

in the Edo period there were changes from Edo to Meiji. there were changes in the samurai such as in Edo daimyo had an army of samurai but later it just became to expensive and they found no need for the samurai so they decided that they should just get rid of the samurai. In Meiji for there samurai there was a military service. there was a change in who could have the goods. For Edo only the upper class had the privilege to have goods. In Meiji the goods were available to all class & a bunch more western products came in. as everything changed to Meiji there was alot more freedom in alot of things such as fashion. Edo had strict laws for the dress code you had to wear a goverment dress that the government had chose. Meiji you had a freedom in the clothes you wanna wear. Edo and Meiji had a different transportation system. Meiji had more classy ways of travelling they had horse drawn carriages and roadways were made, and they also had rick shack bicycles. In Edo it was very limited they had basket chairs, palanquins, and oxens.