Motivation By Anita Basra

Motivation is a way of encouraging people to do better. There are many methods to do this for example:

  • Job empowerment - Gives workers the option to do their own thing which means they decide what to do, which gives them a sense of freedom.
  • Job enlargement- This is a good way of motivating staff because they get more work meaning that they feel more encouraged because they are getting more responsibility therefore they feel more good.  They feel good
  • Job rotation- This is good for motivation because  when they move around it gives them a chance to do something new,  and are not doing the same job all the time. By doing this they would produce better quality work and find new things which would interest them.
  • Job enrichment- This means when workers get more responsibility and than usual. This is normally for the higher working people. This is a good method again for encouragement because when they get given more responsibly they feel that they are doing a good job therefore need more as a challenge.
  • Team Work- This is good as well because it meets the staff's social needs such as working together. They can do their work while working talking this is a good method because it makes them do more.

Maslow's Hierarchy

Maslow was the one who created a hierarchy of needs . The first step was the basic things to life, for example being warm, having a shelter, your health and sleep.  This is called the Physiological step, for every success you need this to go a step above. The safety is the second step this staying away from danger. The third one is to having a sense of belonging, this is having love and affection and being part of a group. This is met by having a social life, meeting up with people. You need this in a business so that they work well you can do this by having team work.  The other step is esteem this is really important because workers them self need to be motivated and then do the work. This is also important for the business because in a work place there would be other workers and if they do not like themselves then it would be difficult for them.  The last one to be right at the top and be successful is self-actualisation, this is achieving individual potential, this is different for everyone, when you feel you have done your best and achieved everything you need you are then done.