Leading Rooftop Restaurants in Bangalore

The fast and furious nightlife of Bangalore that keeps the teens on their toes often tends to become monotonous and not so peace friendly. This indeed evokes the need to not only unwind and layback but also enjoy a quiet, eye pleasing, isolated and serene environment. So here we introduce to you top three rooftop restaurants in Bangalore that offer you all the Bangalorians need once the night approaches.


As the name suggests the highlight of the restaurant is its height. Situated on the 16th floor of UB City Mall, Skyye leave no stone unturned to provide every facet of a perfect roof top restaurant. In case, your desires are up for a fresh twist with its classy ambience coupled with two signature drinks then this place is sure to blow your mind with the amazing mixing skills that the bartenders hold. Do not fail to unleash Irish Chicken and Crispy Falafel on your plate which indeed is a feather in the cap to top up the restaurant.

Bricklane Grill:

Give in to the captivating charm of this blissful restaurant. Just like other roof top restaurants, this one too takes pride in itself of the amazing height it is located at. However, what makes it stand out from the lot is its dim lit white and green decor which takes you to another dimension all together. The soft jazz music playing and the rainbow of food flavors are sure to get you addicted to this place . The Mediterranean, North Indian, Italian and Parsi dishes magnify your experience making you want more by the next visit.

High Ultra Lounge:

Food and adrenaline makes the best combination ever. High Ultra Lounge gives you a rush with merely its height which is an eye rolling 430feet and an area of a head turning 10,000sq.ft. It brings out the admirer in you with its casual yet sophisticated decor endowed with a perfect combination of fashion and food.

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