2015-2016 brings about a monumental shift in education for Liberty Public Schools. For the first time in history ALL students will have access to digital learning K-12. Think about this: our entering kindergarten class will NEVER know an education without access to technology! This access opens doors and opportunities we have not been able to provide... until now.

Preparing ALL Learners

We all are learners: leaders, educators, parents and students. Last year our eLEADS focused heavily on building connections between buildings and starting conversations on how we might share our stories. We saw a huge increase in participation across #lpsleads, Google communities, Instagram, blogging platforms as well as face-to-face opportunities such as #EdCampLiberty and a variety of professional learning hosted by eLEADS and other District educators.

This year our eLEAD goal is to take informal learning and make it more formal through the use of social media and face-to-face opportunities centered over one driving question:

How do we get there?

We have outlined areas for District growth from the Clarity BrightBytes survey data and have determined a Learning Topic for each month. Throughout Fall 2015 all staff will have the opportunity to build understanding about the 4 C’s and the implications for learning. As our third Clarity data collection occurs in October, we will design second semester extensions to the plan below that will include additional feedback from our eLEADS and other stakeholders.

Learning Out Loud

eLEADS will spend their year learning, sharing, and developing relevant learning experiences to begin transforming education. In order to change a system, we need teacher leader voices at the table modeling and challenging others to think big but designing pathways that start small. Together we change the face of education and through a common conversation we Learn - Use - Grow together!