Exciting summer

Do you want to have the best summer ever?

Do you want to recreational activities to have fun in the short summer?

Do you you want to practice sports with children that have your same age?

Come to our exciting summer in miami, a project for schoolchildren during the summer where you are going to be busy playing with your friends and having fun.

You are going to live in our activity centre that is ubicated in miami florida, in front of the sea, so there is a day when you are going to swim in the sea and when you are going to make a competition of sand castle, play volleyball, dodge ball, sculpture and more interesting activities.119

You are going to be in the project during one month (one exciting month) and you can sleep in our accomodations or if you live in miami, you can sleep in your bus, a coach is going to bring you and to leave you.

If you are a very special person and you make amazing things like winning competitions or helping other people, you are going to get an special diploma and prizes so, don't be shy and have fun.

If you have questions call the free number: 3455803783453 or visit our web page: www.excitingsummer.com/questions.

Have fun \ (•◡•) /

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