Wonder Project by Leah

Charecter's Tie to the Theme.

The bigggest theme that I thought had an impact on Miranda was kindness.    I chose kindness because in the story she was always there for Auggie when he needed her the  most.  Even when her and Via were not friends she still cared about Via.  In the begining of the book  Miranda said that even when Via and Ella went to play something else Miranda sill stayed and played Star Wars with August.  At the end of the story Miranda showed kindness to Via because she acted like she was sick so Via could be in the play and after that Miranda asked if she and Via could be friends again.

Charecter Influences

Miranda had an impact on August because in the story she said that she always felt like an older sister to him and august said she felt like an older sister to him because she was always there.   While I was reading WonderI felt like one of the reasons August went to school was because of her.    I think Via had the impact on Miranda because, in the story what ever Via did Miranda tried to do I guess to see if she was as good as Via.   Miranda wanted to be like Via because Via was always so nice and kind to everyone most of the time. Out of all her realationships Miranda learned that friends are forever

Art Representation

The painting I chose was"Waterliles Reflection of a Weeping Willow'' by Monet.   I chose this painting to represent Miranda because, in the text when miranda got home from camp she was kindof a different person and this paintig is different so I thought that this was a perfect picture for that