Wonder character in the spotlight:

by: Leah Marler

Character's tie to theme

I think the biggest thing that impacted August was when on graduation August got a really good award, and when he got on stage (in the auditorium at school) he got a standing ovation. This is a big thing because he started the year with people thinking that if they touched augest or became friends with him, they would catch this plaque-thing that they will become deformed like augest, plus in the book he said that everybody should get a standing ovation, and he got his wish(at least HE got a standing ovation), and people exepted him as a wonderful kid, so he learned that he acually was a normal kid, and people thought it too! :):):)

Character influences

I think the charecter who had the biggest influence was Jack. I think this because even though he was told to, jack decided to become friends with augest. First he and augest were really good friends, but then augest found out that jack was saying mean things about him and they were not friends after that, then jack told him that he didn't mean what he said so they were friends again, then jack expirienced what augest was going through because people tried to stay far away from him, and THEN when people stoped playing that "game" on jack, the school went on a field trip to a camp, and augest gets bullied, but jack and a couple of other unsuspected people stand up for him. This changes their friendship because it means that Jack would do anything to be friends with augest. :):):)

Art representation

This paiting is called the persinstance of memory by Salvador Dali. I chose this because Augest described his face as "melted" (just like the paiting), and people thought it too, but later they relized that they could never make or be something so different and extraordanairy, so this reminded me of how as the year passed by, people were starting to really like Augest. :)