Lea Ransom july 28-august8


Today I made a bird house out of legos and I made a lotus flower out of clay.I made the bird house because I love the structure of bird house and hoe they look. Then I made the loutus flower because the smell and the beauty of the flower.

Day 2

Today we worked on doing key chains on tinkcad with are names on it. Also we made chess pecies for a 3d chess board. I learnd that it is fun to make 3d figures.Also each person made their own and we got to remix the chess pecies

Day 3

Today we made 3d buliding of fort mchenery and other bulidings.I made the vatican city it is a realy articaul buliding. Also today we got our key chains back from yesterday and they look great.

Day 4

Today we fished making our buildings from yesterday . I completed my building of the vatcin city also called st. peters bacilica.Also we started building amusement parks based on our teachers.I did my teacher courteny . I made her a pizzaria because pizza is her favorite food.

Day 6

Today we began making our series project for the end of the week.Some challenges I had were  getting the letters on top of the shape and putting another shape at the bottom.We also got to make other peoples series with legos or clay. I made wilfred figure of a one eyed monster with wings out of legos.

Day 7

Today we continued making our series projects and I even started some new ones.I got my first two college keychains printed witch  are duke and a&t. I also started making an igloo but my second series was a college to go with my college theme keychains.The most challenging part was making sure that everything was aligned and put together.

Day 8

Today we finished making our first series  and started our second series for the end of the week project.We also started to print out some of them. but when we fished getting them printed them we get to aadd color to them using sharpies , nail polish ,and spray paint. I made college logos and the most challenging part was putting the holes for the chain on the square. I learned to take your time and get it right, even if you have to try again.

Day 9

Today we made tribute to izzo and made things off of what did he like or liked to do or you could have made a statue of him.We also got to make a superhero with a city,car,weapons whatever.I made flash bat she is half bat and half flash and she could move at the speed of lighting she lived in super metropolis were all the superhero's lived and protect the city and the people in it.