Learn How To Play Fantasy Basketball And Ensure A Successful League

Nowadays, every major sport has a fantasy game associated with it. In fantasy sports, the team owners get together online or in person to draft teams of real NBA players from real teams, assembling a lineup in accordance with the league rules. This happens prior to the first day of the season. Some people are just crazy about building their own teams and joining a quality league, which turns to be a passionate and competitive hobby.

If you are a big fan of fantasy sports and have never played fantasy basketball, then you should know that fantasy basketball is the best way to fill the gap between baseball and football seasons. Fantasy basketball is inspired by fantasy baseball. After the advent of the Internet, it was popularized during the 1990s. It is a high level and a very simple game. The process of how to play fantasy basketball goes like this:
Draft a team of NBA players
Watch as their statistics accumulate over time
The fantasy team with the best aggregated statistics wins

From the first round of playoffs until the last match of the Finals, you can play Fantasy Basketball, but typically the fantasy season ends when around the same time the NBA regular season ends. Your Fantasy team must always have a certain amount of players and typically a minimum amount of players for each position. Moreover, there are different types of leagues to play in:
Category scoring leagues where the objective is to dominate in as many categories (like rebounds) as possible;
Point leagues where you are awarded fantasy points for every positive stat (like points) and deducted fantasy points for every negative stat (like missed field goals);
Head-to-head and rotisserie leagues.

Every league has a commissioner who sets the draft date time, the settings and oversees the entire league to make sure everyone is playing fair and having fun. You can play with friends you know or you can join a league online with other people you’ve never met before.

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