Learning Walks



“The single greatest influence on the professional practices of teachers is the direct observation of other teachers.”

                                                 ~Douglas B. Reeves




HOW? | Schedule & Question Model

NORMS or Ground Rules

Borrow Only AWESOMENESS (we are not evaluating or comparing Ts practice to ours)

Bring ONLY Yourself (no notes, protocols, devices in Ts classroom ...debrief in hall)

Be an ACTIVE Observer (ask kids what they are doing; note culture of room - posters, color, rules)


Book Study & Other Resources

Engaging Teachers in Classroom Walkthroughs” By Donald S. Kachur, Judith A. Stout, and Claudia L. Edwards. ASCD

Learning Walkthrough Implementation Guide | Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

Teacher 'Learning Walks' Encourage 'Stealing' and Positivity | EdWeeK

Adults do not learn from experience, they learn from processing experiences.


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