Homosexuality  in sports

Michael Sam controversy

In 2014, Micheal Sam became the first publicly gay player of the National Football League. The sexual orientation of this defensive player made a lot of noise earlier this year. Indeed, Michael Sam have been chose in the 249th overall pick of the NFL by the Missouri Tigers Football team. However, many said that this afroamerican should have been in the first or second draft...

This statement made a huge controversy over the internet and the media. The homophobia of the NFL was discussed a lot. In point of fact, the policy prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation in the league was revealed and leads to a huge debate on social network about either yes or no, the sexual orientation had a role to play in the drafting.  As Micheal Sam his the first openly gay player of the NFL, we are surely asking ourselves about the homophobia of this league which is renowned for his antigay statement and homophobic languages.  In a other point of view, the president made a White House statement  to show his support. He said: “The President congratulates Michael Sam, the Rams and the NFL for taking an important step forward in our Nation’s journey. From the playing field to the corporate boardroom, LGBT Americans prove everyday that you should be judged by what you do and not who you are.”

Even tough he is the first publicly gay player of the NFL, he's also the follower of many athletes who revealed their homosexuality in the past few years. Indeed, in 2013 Jason Colling made the news by being the first gay member of the NBA. We could as well mention Orlando Cruz who's active in professional featherweight boxer.

The coming out of Micheal Sam was definetely a huge step for gay rights in sport league in United States. He is now the role model of many young athletes who may won't be scared to reveal their homosexuality, wich is really a good thing.

Ariane Huot

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These people are to BIG to decide to be gay. It makes no sense