Glimpse into Africa

By: Alec Poppenwimer

Kush and Axum Kingdoms

          The Kush Kingdom also known as Nubia was located south of Egypt. They had plenty of natural wealth with there location for example unlike Egypt they didn't have to worry about annual flooding from the Nile river to get good soil cause they already had it, they also had many gold mines, ivory and iron ore. The Kush were known for their skilled archers, they even got the nick name "land of the bow". They worshiped the same gods as the Egyptians and the Nobles thought of themselves as Egyptians where the common people did not.

          The Axum Kingdom was an iron age kingdom located in the north east section of Ethiopia on a plateau of 7200 ft above sea level. Axum was at the height of its power between 100 and 700 AD. They were importing silver, gold, olive oil and wine, and exporting glass crystal, brass and copper to Egypt and  the Roman empire. Axum is believed in many gods making them a polytheistic Kingdom. Axum had written histories so it makes it easier to know what happened then when they were in power.

Benin Forest Kingdoms

          The Benin forest kingdoms took place in the forest regions of Africa. They began sometime in BC era and weren't conquered until thew 1800s by the British. The Benin had unique art by weaving cotton fabrics with stripes of color, they also carved masks and faces out of wood witch are still famous in the world today. Benin was interesting when it came to trading because they wouldn't trade with anyone in there tribe and if they wanted to trade they would meet them at a certain spot and they would negotiate for very long periods of time and if the people they were trading with stole from them they wouldn't trade with anyone or any country unless they apologized and gave the goods back or something of equal value back. They believed in many gods and goddesses. They were all taught how to fight and they were also very intelligent because they invented many things for example they created something called a thumb piano which was a musical instrument made of metal strips tied to a wooden box and it made magnificent sounds.

Ancient Mali

          Mali was established in 500 and ended in the 1700s. Mali means "where the king resides." Mali is known for their kings and wealth. two of the greatest kings were Sundiata and Mansu Musa. Sudiata created the empire of Mali and he was nicknamed the lion king of mali. Mansu musa ruled in 1300s and nearly doubled Mali's size. he opened trading with Muslim scholars, merchants, architects and more to come help build Mali. he was the richest king in Africa because of his countless gold mines he owned.

Somali Pirates

         The past 15 years Somali fisherman have been raiding ships for goods and wealth. They have made the gulf of Aden dangerous waters by in 2008 capturing over 40 large vessels. Somali pirates actually see themselves as the "good guys" because they claim to be looking out for Somalia's waters making sure other countries weren't fishing on there property but it escalated from that too what it is today. In 2008 the pirates made about $150 million witch means piracy is Somalia's biggest money making industry

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