Lee Aaron O’Dell - Bows and Arrows

Lee Aaron O'Dell

The bow and arrow is among the world’s first projectiles to be used by humans. It became an essential hunting tool for nomadic communities that relied on it for their own survival. From there, the bow and arrow had become more developed. Now with projectiles having evolved into guns over the course of centuries, the bow and arrow has gained even more novelty as a form of hunting and shooting competition that is seen as more challenging, which makes the competitions that much more exciting. There are many benefits to shooting the bow and arrow, which are also shared below.

Arm Strength

In order to shoot a bow and arrow, one must be able to pinch the back fathers of the arrow as well as the string of the bow, and pull back in order to increase tension. The more tension you have, the longer the arrow will shoot. And the more arm strength you have, the easier it will be to create that tension.

Increased Hunting Ability

It takes a skilled hunter to be effective with a bow, which makes it one of the ultimate tests of sportsmanship. Many hunters believe that people should be able to hunt with bows before guns; however sometimes that can be a risky and costly challenge. Hunting

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Lee A O’Dell - Kayaking Uses

A kayak is a great method of travel in the water that is both minimal and fun. You can choose between a one person or a two person kayak, however many prefer the single option as there are so many fun, recreational uses for them where you might not want the extra passenger. Below are some examples of the things you could potentially do while in a kayak.

River Kayaking

Kayaks are most commonly known for their ability to navigate rivers well. And where there are rivers, there are usually rapids. Depending on the size of those rapids, your daytime outing can be seen as either a leisurely activity or an extreme sport.


Yes, you can also fish from a kayak. With a short rod and a bucket, you can easily paddle your way to all of the hot spots and get yourself a nice catch for dinner.


Since kayaks are so small and narrow, they can go where many other vessels can’t. They can weave through tree overhangs and down narrow creeks, making them much more versatile than boats. And when it comes to land crossings, kayaks are light and easy to drag through mud, grass and other such obstacles.

Lee Aaron O'Dell

Know the Fundamental Home Defense Strategies

In recent years, the instances of occupied home invasions have been on the rise. This has prompted a rise in personal gun ownership, but the training needed to handle these types of situations has been lacking. If you have recently purchased a handgun for the purpose of home defense, there are several fundamentals of home defense that will help keep you and your family safe.

Evade – you want to avoid a potential impending threat at all costs. If you have an alarm system, make sure it is working. Make sure all doors and windows are securely locked, and if you have a dog make sure it makes noise when strange people come around. Get out of the house if you can, if you can't, then you'll need to arm yourself.

Arm Yourself – this is the time to get the gun you purchased for home defense. You should also have an extra magazine and a quality light source. Don't mount the light source to your firearm and should include a lanyard so you can maintain possession of the light if you need to use both hands for your weapon. Don't forget to grab a phone.

Barricade – position yourself 90 degrees from the direction or movement of the attack. This will give you the advantage to attack before being seen by the threat.

Contact – once you are in your barricade position, contact the police as soon as possible and advise them of the situation. They are much better equipped to handle a home invasion threat.

As a home defense professional, Lee Aaron O'Dell suggests implementing these fundamental into your home defense plan.

Lee Aaron O’Dell - NC Firing Range Protections

North Carolina protects its business owners by ensuring that firing ranges are able to operate within reasonable limitations while also being safeguarded from civil lawsuits. Below are some of these protections, as provided in NC State Code § 14-409.46. Sport shooting range protection:

“a) Notwithstanding any other provision of law, a person who owns, operates, or uses a sport shooting range in this State shall not be subject to civil liability or criminal prosecution in any matter relating to noise or noise pollution resulting from the operation or use of the range if the range was in existence at least three years prior to the effective date of this Article and the range was in compliance with any noise control laws or ordinances that applied to the range and its operation at the time the range began operation.

(b) A person who owns, operates, or uses a sport shooting range is not subject to an action for nuisance on the basis of noise or noise pollution, and a State court shall not enjoin the use or operation of a range on the basis of noise or noise pollution, if the range was in existence at least three years prior to the effective date of this Article and the range was in compliance with any noise control laws or ordinances that applied to the range and its operation at the time the range began operation.

(c) Rules adopted by any State department or agency for limiting levels of noise in terms of decibel level that may occur in the outdoor atmosphere shall not apply to a sport shooting range exempted from liability under this Article.”

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Lee Aaron O'Dell

Getting Down and Dirty - Tips for First Time Mud Runners

Mud runs have become an increasingly popular event to participate in over the last several years. An obstacle course combined with a very muddy 5k, or longer, the run has people clamoring to join. If you've never participated in a mud run, but are intrigued by the notion and are thinking about signing up for the next one to come to your town, here are some tips to help you master your first mud run.

Dress a little skimpy – everything you wear is going to get weighed down by mud. The more you have on, the more weight you'll have to carry. Find out what works by jumping in a pool, fully clothed, then go for a 3-mile run. Figure out what feels heavy, what chafes, and what falls off.

Tie your shoelaces – you don't want your shoes to fall off, so tie your shoelaces tight. If you tie them tight enough so they won't slip off, you won't need to do anything else, including duct taping your shoes. This isn't helpful and the duct tape will most likely fall off before you reach your first mile.

Don't wear your wedding ring – or any valuable jewelry. You will most likely lose it in the mud.

Don't jump into the mud pit feet first – while the top layer is nice and liquidy, the bottom layer is like glue, and will suck you shoe off in an instant. Navigate the mud pit with caution.

Lee Aaron O'Dell is an active participant of mud runs. He says that there are very few people that participate in the mud runs for time, so rather than worrying about being the first to the finish line, you should just plan on getting dirty and have a good time.

Lee Aaron O'Dell

Lee Aaron O'Dell - The Advantages of Archery

Archery is one of the very first forms of projectile-based weaponry that can operate at a range. The only long-range weaponry that existed before the bow and arrow was the sling, which was much less deadly and accurate, and had a far shorter range. The bow and arrow has been an integral part of many military successes over the course of its history. The bow was once the long reigning champion of the battlefield, allowing men like Genghis Khan to rule massive portions of land. Hundreds of years later, the design of the bow has only improved to the near point of perfection that we see today. Starting first with a short bow, then a composite bow, until today we have the compound bow, which trumps all others in speed, power, and accuracy. Though guns have replaced the bow and arrow due to obvious reasons, the bow remains an iconic part of our history, and offers many advantages to guns as well.

Many hunters still engage in archery because it is both challenging and far stealthier than using guns. Where guns are usually noisy and cumbersome, a bow is quiet and light-weight which makes a more mobile and deadly hunter. Many hunters prefer to use bows because often guns leave a deposit of lead or iron in the animal that taints the meat. A kill with a bow is often much cleaner, allowing the meat of the animal to retain its pure taste. Bows also offer a unique challenge, as you usually only get one or two good shots on a target, so you have to be good.

Lee Aaron O’Dell is a hunting enthusiast who loves archery and bow hunting.

Great Ways to Go Kayaking

Kayaking began hundreds of years ago as a method to traverse small bodies of water rapidly, and was used by Indians in warfare, eventually developing into a sport. Now kayaking has become a great way to explore and get in touch with nature, as well as to stay in good shape in the process. Many different kayaks exist out there today, including one or two person kayaks. While many prefer the single kayak, perhaps a romantic day out on the water with a loved one would prompt you to use the two person variable. Kayaking with a loved one is a great way to spend an afternoon. Perhaps you can even watch the sunset over the water, a sight that a few hours of rowing will be well worth.

Another way that people put their kayak to use is to go river kayaking. Kayaks were originally designed to travel down rivers, which is why they are used on many rapids today by thrill seekers. This has become an extreme sport that adrenaline junkies really love. If you prefer something tamer, kayaks also double as great fishing boats. While they usually don’t have a lot of room, they also make much less noise than a boat motor, helping you catch more fish and getting to places that bulkier boats cannot. Kayaks offer a distinct advantage to many other fishing boats because they are stealthy and highly maneuverable, allowing you to get to the fish in tough to reach places where others do not usually fish, making for more gains.

Lee Aaron O’Dell is a military defense strategist who  also loves to go kayaking when he can.

Lee Aaron O'Dell

How to Get Denied a Gun License in North Carolina

While North Carolina historically has been, and remains a state with a lenient policy on getting a gun license or permit, there are certain things that can instantly disqualify you from being able to get this license. These restrictions are put in place as a way to protect the residents of the state, not to infringe upon the freedom of the people. North Carolina law actually states that if there is a good cause, a license or permit can be denied so long as in seven days following the denial, a written statement is issued to the applicant stating why. The state law also goes on to state that it will never take more than thirty days from the date of the application submission for them to decide whether or not a license or permit can be permitted to the applicant.

Things that will get your application for a permit or license refused includes if you are under indictment for a current crime, or have been convicted of a felony. There is an exception to the felony rule however if that person has later been pardoned, which allows the pardoned former felon to purchase firearms after he obtains a legal permit or license.

If it is believed that you are a fugitive, a drug addict, or someone who has been in the past or present adjudicated as mentally disabled, or if you have been committed to a mental institution at any point in your life, your application can be refused.

Lee Aaron O’Dell is a firearm enthusiast living in North Carolina who knows much about their laws revolving around weaponry.

Lee Aaron O'Dell

Getting a Concealed Weapons Permit in North Carolina

North Carolina is one of the few states in America that allow for the concealed carrying of a handgun, so long as you have the proper permit to do so. Their system is highly regulated however, making receiving this permit a privilege, not a right. The process in order to receive a concealed weapon permit in North Carolina can be a very rigorous one, but this is necessary as carrying a concealed weapon in public has obvious safety related issues for the public that come with it. In order to receive your permit you need to apply for it to the sheriff of your specific county. If you receive your permit, it will only be valid in the county in which you receive it in. The one applying for the permit must complete an oath to the sheriff with their application. The application fee is $80.00, one you incur whether or not you are approved for the permit. You also submit to fingerprinting, paying an additional $10.00 for the service. This fee also covers the reprinting and processing of certificates of completion for specific firearm training and safety courses. You will also be required by the sheriff to offer full disclosure of all criminal and mental health records for your application.

Once the sheriff has determined that you meet all the criteria, you will be granted the permit. This permit however, must be carried together with a valid form of state identification whenever you are carrying the handgun. You are also required to disclose to any officer that you come in contact with that you are a concealed permit holder and are currently holding a firearm.

Lee A O’Dell is a professional military defense strategist living in North Carolina who educates many on the gun laws of the area.

Lee Aaron O'Dell