A very curious fireman

indirect: curious

Montag has been indirectly characterized as Curious. After a fire that goes wrong and they end up burning a girl with the books, Montag begins to become curious if what they are doing is right or not. The firemen in the story are different because they don't try to put out fires instead they start them. The firemen try to regulate the use of books so when ever they find out the people have books they rush to the house to burn them. they do this to try and free the world to make them keep having fun rather than wasting the paper on things people aren't going to read.

Direct: Careful

Montag has been directly characterized as Careful. During the last fire Montag attended he found a book that fell right in his hands like it were fate. He examined it then read a couple pages and then smuggled it and took it home with him. Montag now has to try and keep it a secret so that the firemen do not find him and try to burn down his house. He needs to be careful in this because as i explained before the firemen try to regulate the books and keep them out of the world.

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