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Ricardo Rodriguez

Background Information:

Nikki Giovanni is a world-renowned poet, writer, commentator, activist, and educator

Born: June 7, 1943 (age 71), Knoxville TN

Education: Nikki Giovanni has an education in Columbia University, Fisk University, and the University of Pennsylvania.

Start: Nikki Giovanni first published "Black Feeling Black Talk", in 1968

Resent: Nikki Giovanni"s most recent work is called "Bicycles" published in 2009

Legacies Text:

her grandmother called her from the playground

“yes, ma’am”

“i want chu to learn how to make rolls” said the old

woman proudly

but the little girl didn’t want

to learn how because she knew

even if she couldn’t say it that

that would mean when the old one died she would be less

dependent on her spirit so

she said

“i don’t want to know how to make no rolls”

with her lips poked out

and the old woman wiped her hands on

her apron saying “lord

these children”

and neither of them ever

said what they meant

and i guess nobody ever does


-The poem Legacies has no rhyme scheme it is a free verse poem, in the poem there is no rhyme it isa poem that Nikki put whatever she felt like and that is what a free verse poem is.

-The types of figurative language used in the poem are free verse, character, dialogue, enjambment, narrator, point of view, and theme. The characters in the poem are the little girl and her grandmother. The dialogue used in the poem is the speaking of the grandmother and the little girl like for example (“yes, ma’am”“i want chu to learn how to make rolls”) this conversation is between the little girl and the the grandmother. Enjambment is also in the poem because there is a pause in the sentences and the sentence continues in the next line.The poem is being told by the narrator in third person point of view. And also there is the theme.

-The theme of the poem is that It is better to not do what you feel but do what you are told. This is because in the last sentence in the poem it states "neither of them ever said what they meant and i guess nobody ever does" this means nobody ever gets to do what they want to do but what they are told to do.

- In the poem the relation of the idea about communication and change is presented in the poem the little girl does not want to learn how to make rolls and tells her grandmother that she does not want to learn how to make the rolls and the grand mothers response with "lord these children" and if the little girl did not say anything about her not wanting to make the rolls then the grandmother would have a different response that is good because the little girl is learning how to make the rolls.               

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