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Legendary and All Inclusive Collection Hotels are top experts in planning dream vacations that give guests the ultimate experiences in a number of exotic destinations. Below, they share some of their most featured destinations.

Cancun, Mexico

Cancun, Mexico s a top destination for those looking for lush scenery, a relaxed vibe and an energetic nightlife scene. Cancun is perhaps best known for its popularity during Spring Break, however that popularity comes from location and amenities that are ideal year-round for a good time.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Also a very popular Spring Break destination, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is an adult playground on the western coast of the country, with Guadalajara as the nearest major city. Puerto Vallarta is a beautiful town that caters well to tourists and is also surrounded by several opportunities for stunning day trips.

Riviera Maya, Mexico

South of Cancun and on the other tip f the Yucatan Peninsula. Riviera Maya, Mexico has been dazzling their guests with a more low-key bohemian approach in comparison to their party-hard neighbors to the north. There is also plenty to do in Riviera Maya such as take tours of ancient Mayan settlements, snorkel and enjoy beautiful sunrises over the Yucatan peninsula.

Los Cabos, Mexico

Los Cabos, Mexico is one of Legendary and All Inclusive Collection Hotels most sought after destinations. Located at the tip of the Baja Peninsula, Los Cabos is a pristine destination that is known for its beautiful scenery, luxurious lifestyle, exquisite dining and world class deep sea fishing.

Legendary and All Inclusive Collection Hotels - Cancun

Legendary and All Inclusive Collection Hotels has a long list of five star resorts, spas, golf courses and restaurants that reflect world-class vacation luxury no matter where they are. And this commitment is displayed no less than in their Cancun, Mexico package.

Cancun, Mexico has long been a chosen destination by tourists for a plethora of reasons. First of all, it’s location on the northern tip of the Yucatan Peninsula makes it highly accessible for ships coming from the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. This makes Cancun a prime spot for cruise liners to stop and let their passengers off for a day of fun on their sandy shores as well as an opportunity to engage with its people. Legendary and All Inclusive Collection Hotels get to stick around, and see all that engagement go further into a vibrant and exotic nightlife scene.

There are many things to enjoy about an overnight stay in Cancun. The nightlife is a genuine party scene that has made it a staple for Spring Break vacations. But the sun rising over the Yucatan Peninsula the next day is an equally pleasing treat, with an extra sense of inspiration to start the day off right by relaxing by the pool with a refreshing pina colada. From there, you can go golfing, deep sea fishing, snorkeling or get involved with a group tour that help you meet locals as well as other visitors to make friends that you’ll remember forever on a once in a lifetime trip.

Located at the southernmost tip of the Baja California Peninsula is Los Cabos, Mexico; a pristine vacation area that attracts thousands of visitors every year for its world-class sport fishing, elegant lifestyle and breathtaking sunsets over the Pacific Ocean. Legendary and All Inclusive Collection Hotels is proud to have Los Cabos on its extensive list of exotic destinations.

While many of Mexico’s touristy destinations cater to a Spring Break type crowd, Los Cabos is unique in its approach and has a much more tranquil take on life. Fishing is the number one activity of choice here, as deep sea anglers flock to these waters every year to have that one perfect day that s filled with scrumptious catches. Many of the boats are docked at the harbor in Los Cabos, where catches of the day arrive daily to be distributed to local restaurants. They are then served at beachside restaurants with a cold beer or glass of sangria for the perfect romantic dining experience.

Legendary and All Inclusive Collection Hotels knows Los Cabos Well, and they have a number of resorts in the area as part of their extended network of hospitality businesses. Let the experts at Legendary guide you in getting the best lodging, dining and activities lined up to fulfill your vacation. They pride themselves on being a top vacation club due to their reputation with pairing people up with their dream vacations. As a company that has doubled in growth every year since 2012, it is safe to say they are trusted in their capabilities.

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