Legendary Preferred Destinations - The Perfect Getaway

There are few resorts that can offer the ultimate vacation experience for guests and members. With numerous five star resorts in five star locations in exotic locales providing the top of the line quality in service, Legendary Preferred Destinations is exactly the type of vacation experience for those who are looking something beyond their wildest expectations. Providing top of the line services that are luxurious and exclusive, the vacation club looks to give nothing less than the best experiences available.

Since originating in 1984 in Cancun, Mexico, Legendary Preferred Destinations provides the best experiences for families with their family-oriented resorts, for singles and adult couples at their adult only resorts. Their resorts are located throughout exotic Mexico and the Dominican Republic. An innovated leader in their industry of vacation clubs, they have created a name for themselves as authentically crafted resorts at a valuable price. Legendary Preferred Destinations wants each member and guest to create memories of a lifetime at their resorts.

Legendary Preferred Destinations brings dreams and fantasies to reality for their guests and members. They look forward to provides the wants of the scrupulous attendees and those who have more of a bohemian desire. Legendary Preferred Destinations knows that the key to achieving their goal of becoming the world leader in vacation clubs. Recently acquiring established brands like the Hard Rock Hotel, Legendary Preferred Destinations knows how to take an already established hotel, resort or company and turn it into something better than it ever was. At Legendary Preferred Destinations, they have everything a person could want in a resort.

Legendary Preferred Destinations - Highest Quality in Vacation Clubs

Originally beginning in 1984 with Beach Palace Hotel in Cancun, Mexico, Legendary Preferred Destinations has grown beyond its wildest imaginations. Providing numerous hotels, casinos, and resorts for guests to enjoy throughout the Dominican Republic and Mexico, Legendary Preferred Destinations is one of the top vacation clubs in their industry. An innovative leader, the vacation club is always looking for new experiences to create or acquire for the guests and members who stay at anyone of their four-star rated resorts.

Guests and members alike sing the praises of Legendary Preferred Destinations. The vacation club relies on the business model of providing the best quality of customer service to each and every guest and member they have the privilege of serving. Legendary Preferred Destinations wants to become the number one vacation club in the world and aims to do so by consistently providing the highest quality of customer service and fantastic and memorable amenities at their five star resorts, casinos, and hotels in exotic locations.

Over thirty years of experience in the vacation industry, Legendary Preferred Destinations looks forward to providing new experiences for their guests and members. One of the most recent acquisitions may be one of their best. Hard Rock Hotel is now a part of the Legendary family. Legendary Preferred Destinations now provides the Hard Rock Music Lab experience, which guests and members find to be one of the most memorable experiences provided. Participants are taken through the experience of a rock star and made famous while playing for a sold out crowd.

Legendary Preferred Destinations - Leader in their Industry

The vacation club industry is a highly competitive industry. Companies look to provide different type of amenities at their hotels, resorts, and casinos that they hope the customer will choose over the other vacation clubs. These destination companies do all they can to attract consumers to and win them over from other vacation clubs. Legendary Preferred Destinations is a vacation club industry leader that focuses on providing everything possible for their guests and reoccurring members. Located in the Dominican Republic and Mexico, Legendary Preferred Destinations continues on their way to their goal to become the best vacation club in the industry.

With their five-star resorts located in multiple exotic locales, Legendary Preferred Destinations provides the highest quality of service to their guests and members. Their staff is highly trained and qualified to provide the desires and want of the vacationers staying at the hotel. The company has over thirty years of experience in the industry since starting in 1984. Originally beginning with Beach Palace Hotel in Cancun, Mexico, Legendary Preferred Destinations has grown its portfolio more than they could have dreamed of when they first started their venture all those years ago.

There are countless amenities that Legendary Preferred Destinations provides for their customers. The vacation club grants many bohemian requests of their guests and scrupulous desires of members looking for the vacation that is perfectly and uniquely theirs to have and remember for the years to come. Legendary Preferred Destinations is proud to serve only the best for their guests and members.

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