The Most Popular Lego Friends Products

In this article, you're going to find out which are the most popular Lego Friends Products and you can read about each one of them. Since 1932, the LEGO brand has been around us, offering a lot of different interesting games, boards, toys and sets. However, today, we're focusing on the unique Lego Friends Products, starting from the Summer Riding Camp to the Heartlake Shopping Mall and the Dolphin Cruiser. Thanks to these sets, kids can explore and work their imagination, they can play, build and ruin, and put themselves in another world of adventures. Let's explore most popular Lego Friends sets:

Dolphin Cruiser Lego Friends Sets:

To have a great and enjoyable summer vacation while staying at home, this is the perfect set for your children. This set includes the three amazing characters, Mia, Maya and the handsome Andrew. The three of them are headed for an unforgettable adventure through the endless waters. Also, in this set there are few more items included, such as a boat, a lighthouse, and few dolphins.

Heartlake Shopping Mall:

Who doesn't love to go shopping? This is the perfect set for girls. The two characters Emma and Stephanie can create and build the world's biggest shopping malls and explore their imagination while doing some shopping at the most luxurious boutiques.

Summer Riding Camp:

Who doesn't love to go camping? The Summer Riding Camp is one of the most popular Lego Friends Sets available for sale. The kids can create their own riding camp. There are four characters included in this set: Ella, Emma, Stephanie, and Theresa. Also, there are more than 1000 pieces that can be used for getting the best experience while playing with LEGO.

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