The History Of The Thresher
By: Keandra P.

What Is It?

  • A thresher was a way to separate Wheat and other small grains to improve farming in the West.
  • It was normally made with medal or iron.
  • Threshers replaced the hand methods for planting crops.
  • This was first invented by Andrew Meikle, a Scottish engineer, in 1732.
  • After the Thresher was first invented many others have been made for the same propose.

How a Thresher Works

When you put all of the crop in the Thresher it then separates the straw from the grain. This happens by many platforms shaking the crop and then the straw and useless crop go back into the ground while the grain gets stored into a grain tank for later use.

What Are some Positives And Negatives?

One positive with using the Thresher was that it speed up the way farmers separated crops. But it also ran on gas which was very expense so the farmers spent more money on the crops than what they were actually making from the crops.

The Tresher Machine Today

The new Thresher Machine is a combine that separates the Wheat from the straw. Now the combine can do many more jobs also like being self ran, cuts, separates,and can also pick cotton.

Now how did this create conflict between North and South?

With this new machine less slaves were needed in the South for labor. So the South was making more money by buying less slaves. The South was now richer than the North and the South wanted to "rule" the Northern economy by sending slaves there to work and bring the money they make to the Southern owners.

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