Surfing Safety Tips

Personal Safety

When you go on the web, there are a lot of good sites with information. There are also a lot of bad things or people though so for your safety, unless you have your parent or guardian's permission, never give out email, full names passwords, home address and definitely credit card numbers.

Surfing Warnings

When you post Email or text something and sometimes even make a phone call, the police and hackers all around the world can view these for up to 8 years later. Things like this can go both ways; If you are being cyber bullied or if you are bullying someone it can be seen.

Tricked Or Tracked

When on the web, be very aware of where you are. If you ever have a feeling that you are being tracked, watched or stalked, exit the chat, tell someone and never go back.

Teenager Responsapility

Always ignore threats humiliations, torments and harassements witch can be caused by online websites. Check your privacy settings to ensure that you are as safe as it will go. They can be changed by other people. Posting a selfie, or a form of detail about you is something you need to think about.Think of these questions, would you like this picture or form of detail to be seen by everyone.

What you can and can not do

Keep the people you know, yourself, and relatives classified when on the internet. Also be sure to never give out your or others’ personal identity. Take responsibility of what you do on the web.Know what you are and are not aloud to do on the web. If you're ever unsure if you are aloud to do something then the answer is probably no.

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