Red Sox Fan

First known as the Americans the Boston Red Sox were started back in 1901 and were renamed in 1908 as the Red Sox, have been one of the most prestigious names in baseball today. The two of the East division in the American League. Many have been great we appreciate if of their eight World Series titles and appearing in 12. The name change was designated by the team's owner around 1908. Fenway Park is worthy have played since 1912. The team has had much success in more recent years as they went through almost 86 years without winning a World Series title.

There become successful in 2004 by winning a World Series the first since then. They would have many great accomplishments as a team and would have many great players in their bullpen since. Many who are fans of the game hear such names like Ted Williams, Carlton Fisk, and Jackie Robinson.

These names that many affiliates with being some of the greatest ever. True Red Sox fans always enjoy the challenges that come about every season. They welcome the opportunity to prove that they have the best baseball team year in and year out.

One of the great rivalries in all of baseball is the Boston Red Sox versus the New York Yankees. This rivalry goes back for over 100 years. Leland Fondow and is a true fan the Red Sox since childhood and he shares his love of the team with his three kids. Every other season he takes them down to the city of Palms Park which is the spring-training facility for the team.

Protecting Future Plans

It is important that when you decide to take on the option of having a certified financial planner, that you take your time deciding what your long-term goals would be. An inexperienced financial planner can only give the consulting and suggestions of what opportunities or options you may have for your long-term goals. It is important to give specific detailed information as to what you expect in the long run. This is extremely important for the financial planner to assess and determine what options are available for you. It is at this point that many need to make the decision as to what options sound best at the moment. An experienced planner will then look at what options chosen could best suit whoever needs their expertise in the decisions. It is extremely crucial that communication is as clear and understood as possible during the time plans are being discussed. Signs of a good financial planner are usually when the time is taken to understand options and what scenarios they can draw up. Another great sign of experienced planners would be how they ask about what your long-term plans may include. A financial planner that has no experience or understanding of what one may need a guided plan is if they never mentioned potential risks further down the road.

Leland Fondow takes the time to listen to his customers and always make sure that whatever options are taken for a financial plan that any race that he may be aware of are presented. This is what has gained him so much trust over 25 years in the business.

Commitment for Customers

The showing work of ethic in a profession is the best way to sustain satisfied clientele. There are many opportunities in the professional level that seek certified and qualified personnel. But when he comes to professionalism it is very seldom that an interview can prescreen what is brought to the table by someone seeking an opportunity. The work ethic he can definitely be tracked in references from various previous employers. But work ethic is always best presented on the job. So there are the risks the question is how can the level of professional work ethic be addressed? This can be a very intense quality in a worker in certain positions in the professional level. In specific, positions that require minimal mistakes and optimal efforts. In the world of financial planning, the profession is in high levels of accuracy and specific reporting progress. Financial planning is definitely a profession that makes it extremely accurate decision-making and logistical statistics crucial. The process and becoming a trusted and accomplished financial planner takes great deals of effort. For one, the educational level to qualify is challenging. College courses that are acceptable by the board certification is a financial planner need to be related to economics or business. This makes the transition for planning the futures of many, more understandable and bring a sense of well-rounded decisions more credible. Then there is the process of the certification itself which has a very high standard for its training. Leland Fondow has been extremely successful for the last 25 years and trusted by many of his clients.

Leland Fondow -  Going From a Corporate Advisor to an Independent Advisor

It is every professional’s dream to break the veil of climbing the corporate ladder, and find their own place to be as an independent worker or a contractor. After decades of sharpening their own skill, the opportunity to branch out into their own career sounds like a dream, and for most people, it is. Unfortunately, though people gather the resources necessary to start as an independent professional, none of them make the commitment to take action and start on their own. The option is there for many of these hardworking individuals, yet they do not keep the open mind needed to make that successful transition.

Transforming a career takes the right timing, and the right elements to be in place to ensure that the next step will be prosperous. In order to make it as an independent consultant, it takes an established and loyal pool of clientele that would be willing to make the transition and still see the same results. Maintaining an effective service as an independent is necessary to make sure that the clients will keep coming, and that the reputation will build after the corporate ladder is left.

Some careers grow the power to make this change within a couple of successful years, while others take extensive industry experience. Depending on the type of service, it could take decades to build the right clientele for the job. Leland Fondow, an independent financial advisor that left Fidelity after 21 years of work, held 25 years of industry experience on his belt before he made the decisions to detach from the corporate path and make it on his own.

3 Family Activities Your Kids Can’t Live Without

Are you looking for fun memories to share with you children? These three activities are crucial to the development of a child, and will help you build a better relationship with your children. The love and synergy brought by the simple yet fun events will help your household stay strong even after they leave the house!

1. Camping- Experiencing the entertainment of the outdoors, with limited technology and only conventional methods of communication, is one of the best ways to get closer to your children. There is little to distract them, giving you more attention and the ability to make more of an impact on their lives in the time that they are there. Do what you can to make the most out of this adventure!

2. Road Trip- Common to a camping trip, going on a cross-state or cross-country trip will give both you and your children the opportunity to discover new places, new sights, and new people together as a family unit. Go down some new routes and allow the kids to get in on the experience, making decisions on turns, stops, and giving them the freedom to explore with you!

3. Family Sport- Finding a sport that the entire family can enjoy, and making it a regular event for the whole bunch will create a better team atmosphere for the entire family. Leland Fondow, an independent financial advisor, often plays tennis with his wife and three children to keep themselves close together.

How Important is Commitment to Your Career?

An old saying goes that a woodpecker can peck one time into ten thousand trees and receive nothing, or peck ten thousand times into one tree and get dinner. This statement goes much deeper into a life than one could ever imagine, and the faster a professional grasps this concept, the better a career will thrive in the direction of success. Finding a sense of commitment in the work that you do will help sharpen your skills, and become the most important element in your professional personality.

The direction that you are going can change your future, but only if you give it enough attention to get the job done. This is true in any industry that you find yourself in, and believe it or not, anyone can become anything that they choose to be, at any time, simply by following the principles underlined in commitment. Going that extra mile, and choosing to stay late to learn instead of going home early, all of these lead to gold in the future. A career that chooses to flow with the strength of commitment will lose the negativity, and will be entirely designed to benefit you, your career, and those around you.

This is true for financial advisor, Leland Fondow, who pursued 21 years with Fidelity Investments in Boston, working his way to the top, and never letting go of the momentum that he created. He fought every year, even after securing himself as one of the best consultants in the department, and left with three awards, and the title as one of the top ten departmental advisors every year that he started. This kind of success can only be made through hard work and the choice to consistently choose the same path, all of which leading to the same common goal.

Retirement - Making the Old New Again

Things seem to stagnate in the later years, and the routine becomes solidified by a solid and growing career, the growth and development of your children, and the happy and fruitful marriage with your spouse. Everything almost seems to stop, and nothing moves as the last decade of your working life seem to wind down into ease and sometimes boredom. But once retirement hits, it not only comes as a sigh of relief, but sometimes an overwhelmingly new event that some retirees can’t handle.

Obvious troubles immediately come to the newly retired professional: the free time pounces and there is so little to do and so much time, the environment and daily routine completely breaks and is replaced by the feeling of freshness, and the financial income and stability of the retiree is halted and replaced with retirement checks. These three aspects are obstacles that must be overcome to ensure that their futures are enjoyable like it should be.

Free time gives the option for new and rekindled hobbies, relationships, and passions. Being retired allows you to open your arms to the world, giving you the freedom to enjoy it how you please. New routines will then come into place, making you more comfortable as a settled retiree. Financial issues may come, depending on the change in your spending and income, but there are people that are here to help you with your situation. Leland Fondow, a 25-year veteran financial advisor, works with clients every day that are retiring and need a rewire of their financial flow. With all of the problems solved, all that is left is enjoying your life and never stopping the adventure.

Retirement Planning Mistakes You Want to Avoid

Planning for your retirement is one of the things you will need to consider if you want to live a comfortable life after you retire. Just the thought of retirement can cause anxiety for many people. However, there are many people who make mistakes that can derail their retirement plan. Here are a couple of things you might want to consider.

Living Large

Ask yourself the question, “Am I living too large?” To get a proper answer to that question, you will need to find out how much income you need to maintain your current lifestyle in retirement. And surprisingly not many people can answer that question. You will need to talk to your financial advisor to help you draw up a proper retirement plan that is sustainable. As a general rule of thumb, you will need around 80% of your current annual income in retirement. Retirees spend more on entertainment, eating out, and on travel, so you will need to take these into consideration when planning for retirement.

Higher Health Care Costs

People overlook higher health care costs during retirement. Health care costs are constantly on the rise and at retirement people will need to pay more for health care. Do not make the mistake of overlooking health care costs when planning for your retirement.

Long Term Care Plan

Caring for an aging parent can take its toll on the loved one’s savings. The time and money needed to provide long-term care for aging parents can be enormous. According to the US Department of Health, approximately 70% or people over the age of 65 will require care at a point in their lives. Talk to your financial advisor and make sure you include long term care plans for your retirement plan.

Leland Fondow is a financial advisor with several years’ experience in retirement planning.

Playing Golf is good for Your Health

Golf is an excellent outdoor sport and a great way to stay fit. Playing golf once a week can give you several impressive health benefits. Golf is a powerhouse of core ingredients, and doctors have started recommending the game for those who are looking for mental and physical wellbeing. Here are a couple of benefits of playing golf.

Burn Calories
Studies have shown that playing an 18-hole game can burn approximately 900 calories. If you are looking to lose some weight, golf might be ideal for you. The amount of walking you need to do when playing golf, combined with the muscle strengthening and toning with swinging the club will help you to lose weight. Add carrying your golf bag along with you and you will have a complete workout. Playing golf will cause you to walk around five miles.

Combat Stress and High Blood Pressure
Golf is also a great way to relieve stress and relax. If you have a busy schedule during the week and are constantly under stress at work, you might want to take up playing golf once a week. Apart from its health benefits, golf can help reduce stress. Being on the neatly kept green golf course is a pleasure for the eyes and the senses. It helps to relax and removes the stress of the busy office atmosphere. Golf is also known to reduce high blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes. The long-term benefits of playing the game are beneficial to the body.

Leland Fondowenjoys playing golf with his family during the weekends.

Things to Look For Before Restoring a Car

There are many people who would go great lengths to get their hands on an iconic classic car. Their love for automobiles drives them to look for old classic cars and have them restored. For some, it’s a hobby, but for others it’s more than that. Here are a couple of things you need to look for before restoring a car.


There are numerous old cars just lying around in need of restoration. However, not every old car has real value. There are some cars that, no matter how much money you invest in them, will not increase in value. The thing about restoring cars is that it has to increase in value once it is restored. If the car is not going to increase in value after it has been restored, it might not be a good idea to restore it. So before you start restoring a car, you will need to do some research on the car, its demand, and value on the market after restoration.


Rust is not your friend. If the old car you are looking at has extensive rust damage, you will need steel replacement parts. If the car you plan to buy and restore is a “rust bucket”, be prepared to spend a significant amount of money and time to restore it.

A Car that Starts

You do not want to buy a car that does not start. If you take the chance of buying a car that does not start thinking that you will have it repaired and restored, you could be in for some major trouble. The fact that you are buying a non-running car that has been lying around for years could be quite risky. You will most probably need a new fuel pump, battery, and in some cases a new engine as well.

Leland Fondow has a fully restored 1955 Chevy and knows the importance of maintaining his classic car.