Leland Turner

Leland Turner of Future Surgical

About Leland Turner

Currently serving as a principal at Houston’s Future Surgical, Leland Turner of Katy, Texas, works in sales and distribution for the company, which provides medical implants for surgery. Leland Turner procures the products; manages sales teams in their individual regions; and oversees his own territory, selling products to orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons. Under Mr. Turner’s sales management, Future Surgical achieved top-five recognition for national distribution of X-STOP products for people with lumbar spinal stenosis.

A family man, Leland Turner and his wife spend time raising their two children in an active lifestyle and educating them in the importance—both personal and in the context of the world at large—of assisting those in need. The family supports numerous charitable organizations, including the Star of Hope, Children at Risk, and the Red Cross. Among the activities Leland enjoys, alone and with family, are golf, snowboarding, and fishing. Mr. Turner and his family are avid travelers, having visited Canada, Europe, and much of the United States, in addition to other destinations.

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