The Wild-Wild West

Mercedes Lewis

Curley wants to impress his new wife by showing off his riding skills so he tells Crooks to prepare his horse. While riding, Curley falls off the horse and embarrasses himself in front of his wife as well as the ranch hands. He grabs Crooks by the collar and leads him into the bunkhouse for a punishment while the others peer into the windows. Curley slams the door behind him and Crooks instantly got apprehensive. Crooks felt as though he was in hot water now, even though he didn't do anything.

"Are you serious Crooks?! Why the hell would you do that to me?!" yelled Curley.

"What did I do now?" Crooks said calmly.

"Was you not there when i embarrassed myself because of you?" Curley said in a smart way.

"How was I suppose to know you wasn't taught how to ride a horse?" Crooks replied while making gestures. So, Curley starts mimicking him. "I can't take this anymore from you!" Crooks yelled.

Crooks threw Curley on one of the bunk beds, closer to the door with the wooden latch, which made the apple box fall off the wall. Then Curley gets up and starts running towards Crooks, so Crooks bent down and tripped Curley and he went flying onto the big square table in the middle of the room. However, Crooks was stuck, he couldn't get up from the position he was in, so Curley gets up, making the rest of the playing card fall on the floor, and walks to Crooks.

"I live off the fatta the lan' not you so I can blame whoever I want for something" said Curley. So, Crooks had to take the rap of Curley embarrassing himself.

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